Written as Jess Mountifield:

Historical fiction books:

The first creative love of Jess was writing historical fiction novels and has continued to be her most worked-on passion with her first published book being of this genre. Now she has two stand alone novels in this genre.









Fantasy – Tales of Ethanar:

There are several books in this series and you can find more information on their reading order here.

















There are more details on the Sherdan series, but for now there are three books in the series, with possible plans for another three or six at a later date, but currnetly the three stand alone

Sherdans Prophecy 2ndEd ebook mediumSherdans Legacy 2ndEd ebook medium

Sherdans Country ebook medium

















Written as Amelia Price:

Recently Jess has decided to publish some of her works underneath a separate pen name where they don’t quite fall into the usual clean romance stories listed above. You can find out more about the Amelia Price pen name and why it’s been used for the below books here.

The Mycroft Holmes Adventures:



















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Upcoming Releases:

As Jess Mountifield:

The Fire of Winter: Late 2016

The Tales of Ethanar Anthology: Late 2016

Victorious Ruin: Early 2017

As Amelia Price:

The Female Charm: February 13th 2016

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  1. wil says:

    I’m here by way of the benefit collection for Ben Cassidy, “Flights of Fantasy”. Am searching for the email list to receive notification of publication of “Fire of Winter”. No luck finding same from within the tablet/mobile version of the web site. Thought you would want to know.

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