Tales of Ethanar

There are currently five published tales of Ethanar with many more on the way. Although they are set in the same world, they often have their own cast of characters and are sometimes in widely different times. A few characters cross over but rarely feature as the main character in more than one. They have also been published in a different order to the chronological sequence but are designed to be easily read in either order. They are not numbered in the order they were published but I do recommend them be read in the order they are numbered. As it is entirely up to you what order you read them in I have put all three possible orders to read below for you.

Recommended order

Wandering to Belong – Tale 1
Innocent Hearts – Tale 2 & 3 (The Path Home and Learning to Fly respectively)
For Such a Time as This – Tale 4
A Fire’s Sacrifice – Tale 5
The Winter series – Tale 6

Chronological order
For Such a Time as This – Second Age 121
The Fire of Winter (The first book in the Winter series) – Second Age 2754
The Call of Winter (The Second book in the Winter series) – Second Age 2757
Wandering to Belong – Second Age 2758
The Lord of Winter (The third book in the Winter series) – Second Age 2759
The Queen of Winter (The Fourth book in the Winter series) – Second Age – 2760
A Fire’s Sacrifice – Third Age – 1253
Innocent Hearts – Fourth Age – 825

Published order
Innocent Hearts – December 2011
Wandering to Belong – March 2013
For Such a Time as This – June 2013
A Fire’s Sacrifice – December 2013
The Winter series – Coming soon

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