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The Class Heroes series

I recently reviewed the four books currently in the Class Heroes series, and really enjoyed reading all four (please can we have number five soon?).

Class Apart CoverThe author contacted me recently to let me know he had some great new movie style trailers for the books coming out on youtube. I watched the first one today and it’s very cool to see some of the scenes from the books so check out the first trailor here.

The trailors will be released one each week wtih the next three focusing on one of each of the main characters and I’m sure the rest will be just as good.

In the mean time the first book is available free on amazon.co.uk or amazon.com.

I have been enjoying the series so if you’ve not read them yet, go check it out.

Where’s Lolly: A Review

This is the third book in the Class Heroes by Stephen Henning, and I was given a copy of the ebook in exchange for my review.

Where's LollyI loved the first two books in the series and the plotline in both, but this one is by far the best. Lolly is just perfect in this story and despite being the third in a series it really stands alone well. I definitely think this is my favourite so far.

None of the other major character’s are in this novella, just Lolly, which made me a little wary when first picking up the book. I didn’t like Lolly (with good reason), when reading book 1 and only started to like her a little in book 3, and while I still can’t agree with all her methods I must admit she’s really grown on me and now I’m very eager to read book 4 and see her reunited with the other characters.

In terms of the writing style, Stephen has grown as an author over the series and this one really shines. Well written with a great pace and sense of style.

Can’t wait to read book 4.