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Fast and Furious 7: A Review

I think it was pretty obvious I was going to go and see this film. I reviewed pretty much the rest of thr franchise over the years and liked all of them. I couldn’t not see the last film Paul Walker was in.

Like most of the fast and furious films you do have to slightly suspend your sense of reality to cope with all the crazy stunts, but in a film like this, which even makes a few jabs at its own brand of nuts, it’s not too hard to do.

The pacing of the film felt even more relentless than the previous ones with action every five seconds although not quite so much of the usual street car racing. I missed the epic race styl part of the film, although there’s a quick drag race between Letty and some random guy so it’s not completely missing. I guess the much more serious nature of the plot was not so conducive of some racing.

Although the film had me laughing at several points by the end I was crying. I think that’s probably something I expected though. The ending was very much a tribute to Paul and was very well done. I don’t think there was a woman with a dry eye in my showing and had it not been a public place I wouldn’t have been surprised if a few guys would have shed a tear or two either.

There was a lot of emotion throughout the film, despite all the action too. With all the backstory for Letty and Dom to sort as well as the families growing, the death of Han in Tokyo Drift (film 3) being at the start of this film and all of the other stuff thrown together, it was defintiely big on the emotion anyway. I don’t know if it was because they felt this film was extra important but it seemed like the acting in this film had stepped up a notch, as well.

furious 7 carsI don’t know if they really did a good job of using Statham to his full potential but it was interesting seeing him as the bad guy, pitted against the fast crew. I think there’s going to be an 8th (Vin Diesel has hinted at it very strongly) and given the final bit with Statham in, I’m assuming we’ll be seeing more of him for that.

All in all, I still very much enjoyed the film, even if it wasn’t quite perfect, and was very glad to have some tissues to hand. I’ll be seeing any more these guys want to trot out.

Fast Five: A Review

I’ve finally made it all the way to the 5th film in the series. Fast & Furious 5 as it was called in the Uk, Fast Five elsewhere.

This one was again a little different to the previous four films. Rather than focusing on the street racing they chose to head in a slightly more ocean’s eleven style direction and the drivers had to pull of a heist. The safe of Rio’s dodgiest criminal. They started the film in the same exact moment the previous left off, rescuing Dom from the security bus driving him to his high security prison, making this film set before the third one. This allowed them to bring Han in as well as many of the other favourites in the franchise.

While there weren’t as many car chase scenes there was still plenty of action with a car heist from a moving train, the group being pursued by the DSS cop, Hobbs, played by Dwayne Johnson, and the final big heist of the safe itself. There was also a very large amount of shooting and on foot chasing compared to the previous films, but this was not a bad thing.

My favourite scenes were by far the ones with both Dom and Hobbs, two highly testosterone filled men on opposite sides of the law, and boy were their scenes deliciously tense. I don’t normally like Johnson’s films as he hasn’t quite lost the Rock image in my head, but here it played to his advantage. If anyone was going to appear as a threat to our Dominic Torreto it was an ex-bounty hunter, turned criminal investigator for the government, who had subconscious wrestler thoughts to draw on.

Dom was also on top form showing off all three of his best qualities. Tough protective guy, sensitive and caring towards the female cop who had lost her husband to crime and an incredibly smart planner to not only pull of the heist but trick several of his adversaries into thinking he hadn’t until everything was safely out of their reach.

I found this film was also funnier than the previous four. The larger group allowed for more light relief moments with gags and sillyness. While this withdrew from the tension of the film I think it added more than it took away. That ‘team working together’ feel that was in the first one was back with full force and I was sad to see everyone go their separate ways at the end, though some of those moments were funny too.

They found a better balance in this film and I think it now appeals to a much larger market than the previous ones in the franchise did. It should be an easy like for people that enjoy action and Ocean’s eleven type films.

I also want to recommend watching until after the credits as they put in a sneaky peak at a possible plot line for the next one and it’s quite an interesting bit.

Fast and Furious: A Review

This is the 4th film in the franchise and possibly my favourite. I struggle to decide whether I like this one more or the first but this one probably spends over half the time being my favourite. I think mostly it’s because I am relieved they go back to the format of the first, and the original team is back together hijacking trucks again. There are a few more twists and turns in the plot of this one as well which makes it even more interesting.

Brian is also a cop again and there is another very awesome race between Dom and Brian, complete with quirky sat nav guidance.

Brian has to, yet again, earn the trust of Dom, Mia and the rest of the team which includes Han from the third film. Han is an awesome addition to the group and I was really pleased when I saw him in the film as he’s one of my favourites from the third.

I also felt this film had quite a few awesome one liners in it. There is a cute one when Brian admits to someone else that he dated Dom’s sister.

Vin Diesel’s acting is also on top form. His brooding presence as Dom is so well done and is the perfect combination of passive aggresive and calm cool attitude. He really knows how to act as this kind of guy and the only thing lacking is a little bit of grief over the death in the film. I wasn’t 100% sure he grieved as much as he should. Admittedly he is a guy that doesn’t show much emotion but I would have personally liked a little more.

The end rocked too but I won’t spoil that.

The Fast and the Furious: A Review

I recently watched the 5th Fast and Furious film at the cinema, with my husband Phil. Both of us have been long term fans of the films, and I wanted to try and sum up why I liked them and what I liked about them. Over the next little while I’ll review all five of the films I’ve seen.

For my husband it’s easy, he likes cars and he likes it when there is action and things blow up. And although I like cars too, it’s not entirely enough to make me like the films as much as I do.

Warning: There are spoilers

In the first film we follow Brian (Paul Walker) an undercover cop as he tries to figure out who is hijacking the local trucks and stealing their loads. This leads him to Dom (Vin Diesel) and his crew, Letty, Mia, Vince and Jesse. The film mostly consists of a few car races, a hijacking scene in which Vince gets shot, though survives, and some more shooting and cars blowing up at the end. It also has a fairly well acted romance between Brian and Mia. Brian ends up respecting Dom so much that he lets him go at the end rather than arresting him.

Even though Dom is the ‘bad guy’ in this film, there is something about him I like. He has a cute habit of making his family and anyone with them say grace before eating and he really obviously cares for his family and sister.

Brian is mostly just trying to do his job at first and then really enjoys being accepted into the famly unit Dom has got going. It’s fairly obvious from the beginning that most of the other cops do not like Brian that much and I think he is very touched by the family atmosphere Dom goes to every effort to create.

It goes to show that sometimes a sense of belonging somewhere is more valuable than the morals we originally hold to. That loving each other and forgiving people’s faults is sometimes more important than them being punished for doing the wrong thing.

The film makes me think a little of a quote from the Bible where it says ‘people will know that I am God because of your love for one another’ and yes that is paraphrased because I couldn’t for the life of me find the actual bible verse and, unlike normal, biblegateway couldn’t help me find it either. It made me look at my own church friends and realise how blessed I was that I could consider them family just as Dom could his friends.