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The Plan: May 12

Last Month

I had a very busy but fairly relaxed month last month and pretty much did everything I wanted to so here’s the bullet list.

  • Wrote approx 12k words by hand
  • Typed approx 25k words (including emails and blogs)
  • Spent approx 40 hours marketing and promoting
  • Worked about 40 hours for red feather
  • Read for about 40 hours
  • Sent 44 emails

As you can see it was fairly low key, mostly promoting and I worked alone a lot this month. Not much communication with others except for marketing and promoting purposes and I finished quite a few books.

I finished the short story/novella I was working on as well as finished the 2nd draft of Sherdan’s as you can probably see from my new progress bars on the right. I also helped the author Andrew Bellingham with the book launch for his first ebook, Elsa’s Reality.

In the promoting side of things I had an interview featured on another author’s blog, probably the most fun interview I’ve ever done here. I also had Innocent hearts featured on a blog in a list of young adult fantasy stories here.

Sales are up again and have for the fourth month in a row over doubled the year before with twice the number of ebooks so progress is still being made.

This Month I want to do all the research for novel 4. I have a feeling it’s going to require more than the other books I’ve written so far but I don’t want to say any more then that at this point.

My editor has also informed me that he’s almost finished with Chains of Freedom so I’m hoping to have that back shortly so I can do the edits and get it out to my proof readers. I probably won’t start the next novel until I’ve done that. But basically if you’re eager for more work, hurry my editor up!

I’ve also got a few days off this month around the first bank holiday so I’m going to go explore some countryside and refuel my creative batteries a bit.

The Plan: April 12

Last Month

I had a reasonably productive month finally. It’s felt a little like wading through mud this year so far but things are improving and the sun came out, which always helps.

Here’s the bullet list:

  • hand wrote just over 6k for Sherdan’s prophecy
  • hand wrote approx 11k for For such a time as this
  • Typed approx 30k (including blogs and emails)
  • Spent about 30 hours reading
  • Spent about 10 hours working for Red Feather
  • Spent about 15 hours working for Flight
  • Spent about 20 hours marketing
  • Sent 112 emails

I finished Sherdan’s Prophecy in first draft! That was a really good moment as it has been the hardest book to write so far emotionally. There’s some great stuff coming up if you’re following the blogged chapters, if not I’d seriosuly encourage you to do so. It’s my best work to date I think.

I also got started on a new short. I decided I wanted to do something a bit lighter before starting my 4th novel so I picked one of the old short ideas I’ve had on my possible list for a few years and started penning it down. The advantage to it being an older idea is that it’s had plenty of time to stew around the inner workings of my brain so it’s been a nice easy write so far and I think I’m a little over half way through that.

Both With Proud Humility and Innocent Hearts have had reviews each on amazon.com, another 5 star one for With Proud humility and a 3 star for Innocent Hearts. I am pleased with both of those as the main complaint with Innocent Hearts is that it’s too short.

Sales are also continuing to rise after the post Christmas slump that seems to be characteristic. April was one of my best months for sales last year so it will be interesting to see this new months sales now I have two ebooks and a good few more positive reviews.

This Month I’ve been told by the doctor’s to take it easy. Seems my body isn’t happy with the levels of stress so I’m not meant to do anything to stressful and I have to get more exercise. Thankfully it’s not the middle of the winter so the thought of more exercise doesn’t seem to unappealing.

Because of that I’ve delayed the start of my 4th novel a little. I’ll probably plan to prepare it but I doubt I’ll now start it until may. In the meantime I’ll pootle along with my short and see how that goes.

In terms of the secret project I mentioned last month I’m pleased to finally say that it’s my publishing company branching out into a new author. As of mid April I’ll be one of two authors published by Red Feather Writing, the other being a very gifted writer called Andrew Bellingham. He’s starting his career with a young adult fantasy short called Elsa’s Reality. I’ll post again with cover and blurb etc a little closer to the release date but needless to say we’re both rather excited.

Hopefully next month I’ll have a bit more news about my next release as well and be able to pin down a more accurate time frame for a release date than soon.

The Plan: March 12

Last Month

I ended up sick for two weeks at the start of last month which drastically cut into my working time but does mean I’ve got a good bit more to review in both books and films over the next little while as I spent a lot of time on the sofa.

Once better I managed to work on Sherdan’s Prophecy and I’m pleased to say that’s now very very close to being finished in first draft.

  • Hand wrote approx 20k of Sherdan’s Prophecy
  • Typed approx 40k (including emails and blogs)
  • Spent about 50 hours reading
  • Spent about 10 hours working for Red Feather
  • Sent 39 emails

All in all a really quiet month but I did pick up another lovely review of Innocent hearts from the Book Junkies reviewers, giving me a 5 star review on amazon.com

Despite doing no marketing whatsoever the sales this month of both books separately were higher than my sales this time last year so that was encouraging that people elsewhere must be finding things without me having to push and promote all the time even if it’s still not a full wage yet.

I also celebrated a whole year of blogging on the 28th. I’m really pleased I managed to keep blogging for a whole year.

This Month I will definitely have book 3 finished. There is just over two chapters left out of almost 40 so I’m sure that won’t take me long. It does look like this book is going to be as long or longer than my first, however. I won’t be sending the whole thing off to my editor just yet. He’s already going through the chapters one by one for the blog for me but I’ll want to do another run through checking what I’ve just written before I send it off to him. This was a very challenging book for me and I want to perfect a few things before he gets to see it.

I also plan on doing a lot of work for Red Feather this month but I can’t say much about that yet. There will be big news in next month’s blog post though.

My second book is moving along the stages too but is still a few months away so I’ll only be doing bits and pieces on this one as time allows.

Finally I intend to go pretty much straight into writing the next book. I’ll have to do prep and research but I should have, at the least, started writing the next book by the end of the month.

As a final request, this week the anti-trafficking song twenty seven million has been released and a lot of people are trying to get the song to number 1. In the mid-week charts yesterday the song had hit number 8 but that’s still a far cry from 1. All the money from the song is going to the anti-trafficking charity the A21 campaign so it’s worth buying. Please buy it on Amazon or iTunes if you’ve not already done so.


The Plan: February 12

Last Month

The first month of the year is over and it started rather well. Not huge amounts of work done but definitely a good vibe to it. Time for me to think about a diet I think now.

  • Hand wrote approx 7k of Sherdan’s Prophecy
  • Typed approx 16k (including blogs and emails)
  • Spent about 30 hours reading
  • Spent about 5 hours working for Flight
  • Spent about 25 hours working for Red Feather
  • Spent about 15 hours marketing
  • Spent about 5 hours planning for the year and handling financial yearly stuff.
  • Sent 57 emails

I also had some really lovely reviews of Innocent Hearts this month. There was a particularly spectacular video review here as well as a good set of reviews on both amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. Hopefully there will be some more reviews over the next few months.

There was a blog where I was interviewed right at the start of the month and you can find that here. The lovely lady who interviewed me also did a return interview for me a while back so if you liked that head over to her site for more of her stuff too.

Next Month I really want to get Sherdan’s Prophecy finished in first draft. It seems like this book is dragging on even though I only started it in November. I’m at the hard point where I am past two thirds of the way in but not near enough to the end that I’m excited about finishing. This is always the point in the writing process I struggle with the most.

I’d also like to continue getting blog reviews of Innocent Hearts as well as get the paper version of With Proud Humility spread around a bit more on the side of writing. Then hopefully I can move on to the next big story.

The Plan: January 12

Last Month

Mostly December was a wind down from Nano in november. I didn’t really write that much fresh stuff but did my book launch mid December.

  • Prepared Innocent Hearts for publication.
  • Hand wrote approx 1k words.
  • Typed approx 15k words including emails and blogs.
  • Sent approx 50 emails.

Not the most productive of months but I only really worked two weeks of it and then had days off to help a  friend with wedding plans and then with the book launch and Christmas I was very very busy.

This Month I plan to get Sherdan’s Prophecy finished in first draft and then plot out my 4th book. I also want to get my second book edited up and start planning the ebook and cover for it.

This Year I’d like to write more than the 150k approximately I wrote in fresh material last year. I’d like to have two more novels published in both ebook and print as well as another short story. I also want to keep the blog going. Now it’s been running 10 months I’m quite determined to keep it running all year as well.

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The Plan: December 11

Last month I completed NaNoWriMo. Pretty much as planned. I finished a few days early so I did a few minor other things as well towards the end of the month, although I mostly took it easy.

This month I intend to get my two short stories out in an ebook. I’ve decided to get those out together in only ebook form as they are just sitting around collecting dust now they are finished and that’s never good for writing.

I’ve also got my book launch for With Proud Humility, December 17th. I know I’ve plugged this quite a few times but I’m plugging it again. It should be a blast and lots of people have already said they’re coming.

When I’ve finished everything above I’ll get back to editing book 2 and writing book 3 till both of those are done.

The Plan: November 11

Last month

Here’s the bullet list for last month’s work.

  • Typed approx 10k words (including emails and blogs)
  • Spent about 15 hours reading
  • Spent about 10 hours working for Flight
  • Spent about 20 hours working for Red Feather Writing
  • Spent about 5 hours promoting book 1
  • Approved the final print version of book 1 and ordered the first copies
  • Arranged book launch party
  • Did all my NaNoWriMo prep
  • Second drafted book 2
  • Final drafted 2 shorts
  • Sent 67 emails

I feel like I’ve had a realy productive month this month, I think I’ve knocked off about 10 things that have been on my to-do list for a while. I’ve not got much left on it at all which has prompted me to finally decide to do NaNoWriMo. At the start of last month I wasn’t 100% sure I was going to get enough done to manage it but I did with a few days to spare.

Most importantly I finally got book 1 completely finished. Other than marketing it there really isn’t anything left for me to do. As I’ve noted in a lot of places I’m now taking pre-orders for the first few copies of the book. I’ll be signing them and selling them at my book launch party but I’ve had a large number of pre-orders already. I may well have to get some more before the actual party in December to make sure I have enough. I honestly wasn’t expecting such a high demand for the print book. I guess print isn’t quite as dead as I thought it was.

The party is going to be at Starbucks on December 17th in Bath, there is a facebook event page here and anyone that wants to come is more than welcome, just click the attending button on the public event page or comment below to let me know you want to come and if you want to pre-order a book.

This Month I’m obviously doing NaNoWriMo so I literally don’t expect to do anything else, other than eat lots of hot soup, chocolate and other easy to prepare but yummy to eat foods.

The Plan: October 11

Last Month

I only worked about half of September but the half I did work was extremely productive. Here’s the bullet point list.

  • Typed approx 15k (including emails and blogs)
  • Spent about 30 hours reading
  • Spent about 5 hours working for Flight
  • Spent about 10 hours working for Red Feather Writing
  • Spent about 5 hours promoting book 1
  • Worked on the research for book 3 as well as plot
  • Edited for about 5 hours for various shorts
  • Spent approx 10 hours interviewing other authors.
  • Sent 74 emails

As people are probably aware book 1’s proof is on it’s way which will hopefully mean I have printed copies before Christmas. Unfortunately with so little time spent marketing over the last 6 weeks there isn’t much else in the way of exciting events coming up but I’m sure there will be some soon.

Next Month I plan to get back to book 2 and go through that and send it off to my editors. I also plan to work on the edit I now have back on my two shorts. Then more writing and more planning of book 3 while juggling prep for NaNoWriMo and all the other company stuff. So busy stuff but nothing too strenuous and all manageable.

The Plan: September 11

Last month

I really didn’t get much done last month, unfortunately I got sick right before my holiday so I stopped work sooner but I made progress on a few things. I won’t bother with my usual bullet point list because I probably can’t remember what I did even if it was worth making a list for.

This month I plan on churning through as much of my to-do list as possible and refocusing on my blog a bit. Hopefully book 2’s edits will progress and book 1 will be in print very shortly. I’m also hoping to get started on the first draft of book 3 which will be blogged as I go here. My normal every 3 days blogs will be resumed tomorrow, starting with a review blog. I also want to ramp up marketing a bit for the pre Christmas ebook drive.

The Plan: August 11

Last Month

July was one very full on month. I got lots done but also turned 25 and celebrated my 5th wedding anniversary. Junk did launch, though not quite in the manner expected, and I pretty much did everything I wanted to. Pretty much anyway. Here’s some of the stuff I did.

  • Modeled our first t-shirt prototype and ordered a second.
  • Hand wrote approx 10k of book 2
  • Typed approx 35k (Including emails and blogs)
  • Spent about 25 hours reading
  • Spent about 40 hours working for Junk
  • Spent about 10 hours working for Flight
  • Spent about 20 hours promoting book 1
  • Spent approx 10 hours formatting and sorting out book 1 for print.
  • Sent 80 emails
  • Spent 10 hours on Skype doing business.

Promoting of book 1 yielded me two very lovely book reviews. The first one got me 4 butterflies out of 5 and you can read the review here. The second was by The Romance Reviews website and was one of the loveliest reviews I’ve had despite only being 3 out of 5 stars, you can read that one here.

On top of all the reviewing goodness I got picked for the facebook group Book Junkies August group discussion book along with two others. The participants are reading the book currently to discuss it on August 15th-18th and there is still plenty of time for anyone else to join in if they want to. Just head over to the facebook event here and click attending (worth doing even if you’re not 100% sure so you can get updates). I’m going to be giving out an advanced copy of book 2 to some lucky peeps that turn up to discuss. It will be a little delayed after the discussion as it’s got some editing stages to go through but the winners will get it before it goes on sale.

Junk is also on facebook as I’ve recently said and taking orders so I’d really like to encourage you to head over to Jnk Clothing and click the like button. There will be facebook fanpage only events and chances to win prizes over the future weeks and months.

Finally I finished book 2’s first draft and have come up with the working title of Chains Of Freedom for it to go through editing.

This month I don’t plan on doing huge amounts. I’m on holiday for the last two weeks and I expect will still be very caught up in business related things over the first few. If everything goes well I might get second draft of Chains Of Freedom done and potentially final draft of the two shorts for the collaboration in works. Either way it shouldn’t be too long before I can announce a release date for something new.