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How to write good dialogue

I’ve already done a blog on this topic and linked to Konrath’s blog with his tips. I’d like to discuss it a bit more but since I’m going on holiday in a few days I want to keep it short so one way to help yourself writing good dialogue is to watch and read things with good dialogue.

Films are especially good as the dialogue is often very important. If it’s even slightly boring people switch off from a film and good acting combines the dialogue with the right amount of body language to give you everything you need for describing those character interactions too.

The film I’d currently recommend as one of the best to see to learn how to do some pretty awesome dialogue is The Avengers. This film has some of the best deliveries of lines and some of the best lines themselves that I’ve seen in a long time and is well worth the watch for that alone (of course it helps that the rest of the film is awesome as well).

And of course the best thing is practice. So keep writing folks.

The Avengers: A Review

Yes I know the film was actually called the marvel avengers assemble in the UK, but that has the be the lamest film name ever so in my opinion it’s really just called the avengers.

In short the film was awesome. So awesome that I can hardly find the words.

All the leading up to it with all the not quite so awesome but still good marvel films like Thor and Captain America paid off, big time. The film was quirky, funny and action-packed.

The actors were all on top form and Robert Downey Jr and Samuel L Jackson’s roles were so perfect it just added to the awesomeness even more. Even Loki was very well cast and I believe has garnered a little fan club of his own.

The relationship between certain characters was good too and it enabled some brilliant one liners to be delivered. I think I laughed a heck of a lot during the film, so hard from one joke we almost didn’t hear another funny joke that came right after. I won’t spoil the story or plot but I believe the line was ‘Puny God’. Two words have seldom made me laugh so much.

Action wise the first half of the film was a little lacking but the second half more than made up for it with some amazing action sequences and fights. I think pretty much everyone got their beautiful fight scenes and there was a lot of smash.

Music was good too and as expected there was the odd acdc track curtesy of Tony Stark.

I loved this film and I really can’t wait for Iron Man 3 next year.