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NaNoWriMo 2015: Update 1

I know I’m only a few days into NaNoWriMo but here’s an update of where I’m at so far.

Somehow in only two days I’ve managed to get about a third of the way into Mycroft 5. Still not a clue what the title is but I’ll probably figure that out soon.

As often happens my character’s keep surprising me and even themselves. Amelia turned out to be claustraphobic and it turns out Mycroft and Sherlock can sort of work together, but there’s evidently some history there I don’t know about yet. Daniels, the chauffeur, is also even more awesome than even Mycroft realised, and I even discovered that Mycroft does have a sense of humour! Who knew!

Research wise I plotted one heck of a route thanks to google maps. One of the most amazing tools as a quick way to be able to explain places. I honestly don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have access to such a detailed map of pretty much everywhere in the world. Here’s a link for those interested. Yup Russia is involved.

Over the next week I want to get this novella finished so I can take a day off to plot the next one, as I have no idea what happens except for a few series related scenes. It does sorta need its own plot as well. After that we’ll see. I’d like to be about this far into the next one in two weeks time, maybe a little further. It all depends exactly what trouble Amelia gets herself into between now and then!

A Mug’s Game: A Review

I was given a copy of this ebook by the author, C. D. Swanson, in exchange for my review.

A Mug's GameThis book started of very intriguing, and had a very interesting main character. It’s a bit of a mystery/thriller type book and has some elements of science fiction with the references to advanced video gaming. I found the way of building suspense by withholding information rather than letting events build tension to grate on me a little. I’d have kept turing the pages anyway even if I’d known more, but it was only a minor irritation.

Character wise there were some really interesting and diverse characters and I liked the main character and how he wrestled with what was right and necessary. The detectives were a little stereotypical but otherwise fine as well.

I had a few problems with the formating and there were quite a few spelling mistakes still in the text, which was surprising for a book that appears to have a publishing company behind it. The first letter in each chapter was englarged and apart from one chapter the third line didn’t indent to make room for it so it covered up some words. There was also one strange bit in the third or fourth chapter where a sentence was all jumbled, then there was a gap and then the next sentence was in a completely different font.

All in all, not a bad book, although I’m not sure exactly what genre to call it. I’d read the author again but I’m not sure I think much of the publisher.

The Citizen: A Review

This is an ebook I was given by the author, Matthew McCollum in return for my review.

This is a shorter novel told in first person present, which is handled well throughout the book, and a sort of conspiracy spy sort of story.  The main character is on the run from the goernment and the chapters flip between present day and two years earlier, when it all began.

The start of this story wasn’t as good as the end as I felt it focused a little too much on masses of conspiracy theories and possiblities and it felt a little like it was ramming home the idea that guns should be allowed in the US, something that I find bizarre when I’m in UK and we’ve never had guns available. But when it got past that part it really felt like it could be a believable theory for what’s going on.

I noticed my pet peeve, of the phrase ‘I could care less’ over ‘I couldn’t care less’ at one point in the book as well, but it was only the one occasion.

The book’s not perfect but it kept me entertained and I wanted to keep reading. The end was also interesting and much better than I was expecting. I’d definitely consider reading more if there was a series of them.

Covert Dreams: A Review

I picked up a free copy of this ebook on Amazon so I could review it.

This is another book I felt privelidged to be able to review. I was hooked from the beginning and read it all in one gulp. The characters were really interesting and there were plenty of twists and turns to keep me guessing about the ending until I was reading it. The action was fairly non stop with a level of description that didn’t bog the book down.

The plot was quite a conspiracy theory sort of thing which is something that I think is hard to do well and still be believable but it didn’t detract from this book at all. I felt really sorry for the MC as he was caught up in all the plottings of the people around him.

I think I prefer Deadly Eyes by Michael Meyer but I still really enjoyed this one and highly recommend it to fans of the genre.

Deadly Eyes: A Review

I was given a copy of this book by the author Michael Meyer in exchange for a review.

And I’m so glad I was. This is another of those books that I really loved getting the opportunity to read. The locations were described well and the details given bit by bit to build the picture and suspense up and I struggled to put the book down.

I’ve already recommended it to some friends and family who like the genre and I read both of the endings that were provided. Yup, that’s right. This book has two possible endings to read.

I think I prefered the first one as it was happier but it was a really interesting twist to have two alternatives. Great book and going on my favourites of the year list.

I am so convinced this is one you should all go buy, here’s the buy links – UK & US

The Palaver Tree: A Review

I grabbed this book a few months ago and offered to review it for the author, so here’s what I thought.

I’m so glad I picked up the book. Really so glad.

Other than the setting of this book I’m not sure the cover and title quite do this book justice. This is one of those intrigue and suspense novels that makes it tough to put down, even when you have too. I loved the sense of realism to this book.

Unfortunately I’ve had the misfortune of knowing someone very similar to the bad guy of this book which served to show this as being even more realistic.

I loved the ending too! Maybe not the most moral of endings but it seemed to suit perfectly. Just what the character needed to do I think.


They Won’t Be Missed: A Review

This book was suggested to me by the author when I mentioned I did book reviews on my blog so I downloaded the sample and checked it out.

I was less than half way through the sample before I knew I had to get the rest of this book and find out what happened, and less than a day later I’d munched through the whole thing (I was very loath to put it down to sleep).

The main character, Mark, was engaging and I really felt his frustration, especially at the US system (it still bugs me that people can lose everything just because someone in their family gets sick). The story was interesting and I was spoonfed details at enough of a pace to keep me interested yet slow enough I found it difficult to guess quite what would happen next.

I also totally loved Amber. She was one very cool kid and it gave a softer side to Mark to see him interacting with her.

The book was quite short and I got through it very quickly so I’d love to see some longer works by this author but they definitely have a new fan in me either way.