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Apocalypse – Diary of a Survivor: A Review

I was given a copy of this ebook by the author, Matt Pike, in return for my review.

ApocalypseThis is one of those books that isn’t particularly original in terms of the idea for the plot. Let’s face it in the apocalypse genre there’s not much new and the meteorite idea has definitely been covered. But something about this book is fresh and new. I think it’s the main character and the style of telling, but I am really glad I picked this book up.

It’s written in the form of diary entries, something I don’t think is easy to do well, but the author pulls it off (and in the back info mentions being inspired by a relative’s diary of surviving war) so serious kudos there. The protagonist is also pretty awesome. There’s been a massive focus on YA dystopian fiction lately and almost all of the ones I’ve read have had a female lead. This one has a male lead and does a great job of it.

I have a very slight gripe with where the book ended. It doesn’t feel quite complete, although it’s not really a cliff-hanger ending either. It was a little sad, but in this case I think that’s more realistic and to be expected. I think there really needs to be a sequel to continue the story as this part and chapter of the tale has come to an end but there’s still more before the main character has reached the final resting point.

All in all, a brilliant YA diary style book and I can’t wait to read more.

Dark days, The Long Road Home: A Review

This is the first book out by the author L. M. May and I was gifted a copy in return for my honest review, so here’s my thoughts.

This was one of those books I thought I’d like when reading the blurb and I was right. It’s standard end of the world fiction with a pretty good romance thrown in on top.

The characters were all well fleshed out and I even fell in love with a few of the supporting characters the people met along the way and I really liked that this book focused on the little things humanity might do, the way people would feel and how things would deteriorate on a more personal level. Everything was shown through the little things people did rather than bigger things and I felt it made the book more personal and easy to relate too.

There was a little bit of head hopping between the two main characters in the first few chapters which had me confused at a few points, but this soon sorted out and from then on in chapters stuck to a characters POV, so if anyone else gets bothered by that don’t give up on the book.

All in all a good read. It’s left me wanting to know how long it took to actually sort things out (and had me researching the possible problems a similar siuation might have if it did actually happen today).

I’ll definitely be picking up more books by this author.