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Three For All, And All For Free

Yup, that’s right there’s three freebies you can pick up that I want to tell you about (actually there’s four but End of the Road has been free for a while now).

The first is only free for a few days. Sherdan’s Prophecy in kindle format is available free on all good Amazon sites until close of day Sunday. If you’ve not yet tried my sci-fi, it’s a good start to the genre and quite different to my historical novels, although there’s plenty of action still.

Also free of mine and in need of some help making it free on amazon is Wandering to Belong on Smashwords, Apple, Nook and many other places. If people would like to see it free on Amazon they should report the Apple link to them under there report a lower price section. This is another great introduction to my fantasy genre and all the tales I’ve got written in the same world.

Finally, my most recent release is a sci-fi story set in space and is one of the stories featured in the Kiss anthology, also currently going through the process of being price-matched, but you can grab a free copy on Smashwords. My story is the last one in the anthology but don’t just skip to the end. There’s a lot of great stories in there from some authors I love.

The Story of the Mimosa: A Review

This is another book I recently read by the author Paul Kater. Like most of his work it’s quite quirky.

In the blurb for this book it mentions that if you love Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ then you’ll enjoy this one, and I’d just like to say that I completely agree. This story about a black ship and it’s realtively independent journey through space and time is very similar in feel and quirkyness to Douglas Adam’s classic.

With the main character and focus being the ship’s journey you don’t have a massively complicated plot and there’s no massive conclusion to the book. The ship is made and then off it goes. But it’s journey is worth going along with, as several different aliens find when it turns up near them.

This sort of story all ways reminds me of how awesome it is being different and still finding somewhere and some people to be different with. Oddballs, Geeks, Nerds and wacky creative types really do make the best travelling companions for any runaway ship.