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New release and New pre-order

The Invisible Amateur is out this Friday! If you haven’t pre-ordered the ebook yet you can do so here and make sure that you get yourself a copy as soon as it’s midnight! Only two and a half days to go.

TheFemaleCharmMediumThe fourth book in the Mycroft Holmes Adventures series is also now available to pre-order here and will be released on February 13th next year. Less than three months away!

Here’s a blurb:

Politics is Mycroft’s focus for the moment, but it calls him to Scotland, somewhere very much outside of London. When Sherlock refuses to help and instead enlists Amelia, Mycroft has to decide if his personal amateur is up to the task.

Despite all the scrapes and bruises, Amelia is still willing to learn from the Holmes brothers, but these latest lessons are on a whole new level. Does she have the skills she needs to survive? And is she really prepared for being in the Holmes world?

I’ve also almost finished the first drafts of 5 and 6 in the series and can confirm both will be out next year. Hopefully around early May and mid July respectively.

Two fantasy and sci-fi boxsets: Legends & Legacy

The first of two great multi-author boxsets is out today for only 99p/99c. Legends is a collection of Sci-fi and fantasy stories and has my very own Sherdan’s Prophecy among the 13 awesome books included.

Legends-SherdansprophecyThis is a total steal for that many fantastic books so grab a copy here.

Legacy promoAlso out in only two days time (and available to pre-order here) is the sister boxset with another of my ebooks in. This boxset has Wandering to Belong and is one of 10 great stories. Several of which feature dragons! What more could you want?

Two New Pre-orders: Fantasy boxset and Mycroft 3

So today I’ve got some very exciting news because there’s not one, but two more publications up for pre-order.

Legacy promoLegacy is out on Nov 12th as the very pretty picture says! That’s just over two weeks away. Not only is Wandering to Belong one of the favourite fantasy stories I’ve written but it’s also with 9 other great stories and all of them for only 99c/99p! You can pre-order in the US here and in the UK here. There are some really awesome stories in this set, including a full trilogy so don’t miss out on the bargain.

TheInvisibleAmateur_mediumAlso available to pre-order and being released a month today is the third ebook in the Mycroft Holmes Adventures series.

You can pre-order the ebook on Amazon here. If you haven’t yet read the first book in the series, that’s also on offer at the moment and is only 99c/99p! You can pick up a copy of that one here, and the second book is available here.

Print Book Sale

I’m clearing out some of my old print book stock to make way for the new books coming out late this year and early next year so that means it’s sale time! Below is the current price for buying signed copies of my print books.

These prices will stick until Christmas (I know it’s a bit early to think about Christmas but signed books make great presents) or until I run out.

With Proud Humility: £7

Chains of Freedom: £6

Historical set (the two books above): £12 (£3 off list price, and a 20% saving)

Sherdan’s Prophecy: £6

Sherdan’s Legacy: £6

Sherdan’s Country: £7

Sherdan trilogy (the three books above): £18 (£6 off list price, and a 25% saving)

All five books above: £28 (£11 off list price, and a 35% saving)

I’m also now taking pre-orders for my next release – a triplet of Mycroft Holmes adventures in one paperback.

Special pre-order price: £8 (£1 off list price)

All six books (the five already in print + the pre-order, which will be ready in time for Christmas): £35 (£13 off list price, and a 37% saving)

These prices don’t include postage, which will vary depending on number of books, plus location delivered too. For the UK:

1 book add £2, 2-3 books add £3, 4-5 books add £4, and for 6 books add £6 (this may well be cheaper, but it will depend on the exact weight of the six books, if it’s over 2kg it’s significantly more expensive than under so it makes sense to send in two packages, if it turns out that it is under and can be sent as one package the difference will be refunded)

Email books@jessmountifield.co.uk or comment below with the email address line filled in to place your order, ask questions or enquire about postage possibilities and prices in other countries.