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Beat Down 1 – Clones: A Review

This ebook is a comedy novella by the author Chris Ward, under the pen name, Michael s. Hunter.

This isn’t a book that you’re meant to take too seriously. The characters have larger than life personalities with sweat that’s bottled and sold to power an energy drink. The main character is also the face of this particular energy drink and some how super human after drinking it.

On top of that, you have his assistant (the guy who collects his sweat), his trainer/agent and a pirate chav with a parrot that says chav at regular intervals through out the story. There’s also the big bad enemy and an annoying brother who works for a bank.

All in all the book had me laughing aloud at several points and I found mmyself having to read lines to the people around me when they noticed me chuckling away to myself. This resulted in one of my companions pulling out his kindle and grabbing a copy too. For a while the amused giggling could be heard from two people in the room.

So if you’re looking for a very funny action book with crazy but hilarious characters, this novella is worth a read.

Camel On An Ashtray: A Review

Camel On An Ashtray by A.S. Anand is a  novella on Amazon Kindle for only $1. I was asked to review this book in exchange for the author reviewing my book.

Camel On An Ashtray synopsis from Amazon

Sonell descends into a Mayfair nightclub filled with apprehension about his social company and himself. The next morning he is unable to remember much of the evening’s events.

And so begins a journey of reconciliation – with his friends, Delilah and his Indian heritage that will take him on a voyage from London to Goa.

Camel on an Ashtray is an elegantly written, semi-autobiographical novella that revels in exploring identity and friendship.

My opinion

I’m not actually sure the synopsis of this book does it justice. Sonell is an aspiring writer who is very easily distracted into partying and having fun with his friends instead of finally writing down that short story he’s got buzzing around his head. A situation most writers can easily relate to. I can safely say every writer I know has had similar moments in their lives.

While the plot to this book was not hugely impressive I’d actually say that was a good thing. The book very nicely meanders along and actually makes a nice lazy sunday afternoon read or summer’s day beach read for anyone that should really be writing but finds themselves enjoying the good weather instead.

My only real gripe with the book is the ending. I felt it ended a little prematurely but to be honest I can’t think of a better place to end it so it’s probably just that I wanted to know even more about Sonell than I was given. I do think it might benefit from another 5k words or so, but for the price it’s still most definitely a bargain read.

I honestly had a lot of trouble deciding my star rating for this book. While I really liked Sonell and felt I could completely relate to him I also felt that there needed to be a little something more, even though I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

I think it gets a 4.75 stars from me. Almost a 5.


Disclaimer: I was in no way paid for this review or otherwise persuaded to give a favourable book review, this is entirely my own opinion.