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Taming Virtual Pets

As is pretty obvious by now, I’ve not been doing much writing so far this year. I just seem to have hit an emotional brickwall when it comes to telling more stories. Instead I’ve been spending a lot of time in Entropia, playing around with their newest feature, pet taming.

BristlehogThey introduced the first pet in the autumn of last year, a sort of cute little hedgehof/fluffy porcupine thing called a bristlehog. I found myself drawn to taming these things almost instantly and before I knew it I had over two hundred of the tamed critters in my inventory and storage and was training up several to higher levels. I soon found that people would pay me more than it cost to train up the bristlehogs for my higher leveled ones and a friend in game did a lot of research and shared data with me on the most cost effective way to reach each level, as well as a whole bunch of other information on them.

CornundacaudaI didn’t think much more of it as I got stuck into my NaNoWriMo and the wonderful world of Mycroft and Amelia (those books still are on their way, I promise). But in early December two more of the creatures that existed in the world of entropia were made tameable and I found myself once again out there catching myself a few of the six legged Combibo and the rather large but almost majestic Cornundacauda (don’t ask me who named that one). Neither of them are very good looking but they seem to be wanted by a few people so I again found myself making money taming and training them.

eudorian trollEvery month since I’ve probably made somewhere between $30-40 a month on pet taming and training (about £20-25) and a similar amount from the in game deeds I own that I mentioned previously a few times, but this month something quite spectacular happened. They introduced some brand new pets that weren’t creatures previously found in the game and some rare and incredibly rare versions of them. One even looks a bit like the rock trolls from Frozen. In about a week I’ve found myself making what I would normally make in a month and it’s continuing to supply me with a steady and easy to earn income rate. I’ve even started crafting the tools required to tame with and found myself profiting there as well (crafting in entropia is incredibly difficult to profit from).

KaninAll in all, while I’m struggling with writing it’s been a great way to spend my downtime and make some spare cash on the side as well as have some fun. The great thing is a lot of it can be done at the same time as other things so it won’t hinder my writing when I do finally find myself able to pick up a pen again. If anyone wants to play the game and find me I play under the avatar Marie Elf Woodell so look me up and I’ll show you around.

The Fairy Godmother’s Guide To Finance For Couples: A Review

The Fairy Godmother’s Guide To Finance For Couples by Lisa Deckert is a non fiction book I was requested to read as part of a review swap with the author. I don’t normally read non fiction but seeing as my husband and I are a fairly newly married couple and I know a lot of new couples I thought this would be worth checking out.

The Fairy Godmother’s Guide To Finance For Couples synopsis from Amazon

Financial planning doesn’t have to be hard to do – or hard to talk about. In this little book, the Fairy Godmother teaches couples how to share their dreams and turn them into goals. She gives them the tools they need to reach their goals, from IRAs to life insurance, all in a simple and easy to understand style.

My opinion

I was really very impressed with the depth this book went to whilst keeping the financial planning as simple as possible. It had a very wide range of different ways to manage money, invest and plan for the future, going through every financial aspect of a couples journey together, including that first budget, buying a  house and the ever ominous will. Although it was geared towards the US in terms of savings bonds and stocks, there are highly likely to be equivalent things in most countries so it was very practical and relevant.

I would definitely recommend all couples that are starting to get their finances merged and plan to live the rest of their lives together to take a good read of this book. At the very least it should get you talking about the things important to each of you and give some direction and motivation to saving for the future.

5 out of 5 stars for this one.