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Eminent Domain: A Review

This is the next book in the series by Traci Hilton and follows on from Foreclosed which I reviewed a while back.

It follows on pretty much where the previous left off and follows Mitzy in her life as a real estate agent and what happens to the house she had acquired at the end of the last one, as well as the man.

I really liked the first book and thought it couldn’t get much better but somehow it did and I like this one even more. Mitzy was perfect and her fella, Alonso was pretty awesome too. The chemistry between them was great and there were some really funny moments with spoons. Often it’s the simple things that are great.

Unfortunately there was no direct mention of the puppy from the first book and what had happened to it, although I know it was only borrowed. It was one of my favourite characters, however.

The plot was good and actually kept me guessing this time although I wanted to tell Mitzy off at a couple of points when she wasn’t paying attention to what I thought were obvious clues and issues.

All in all I really think people should check out this series and I’ve already picked up the third to review soon.

Foreclosed: A Review

This is a Christian mystery book about a woman called Mitzy who runs her own estate agents and gets involved in some crazy stuff when a house she wants to sell gets tangled up in Russian history.

I’ve had this book on my tbr for ages and finally got around to it. I’m so glad I did.

The book was cute, quirky and I really liked Mitzy even though she did seem a little too sure of herself. She was well portrayed and althought very feminine I decided I liked her. She had guts and was a self made woman and that really earnt my respect. I like Christian women who aren’t afraid to be a bit different.

The plot flowed nicely and although I could see all the twists coming it didn’t detract from the entertainment of the book as it all felt real and believable. Considering the plot after reading I’m mildly surprised it felt so real because it’s quite a mash up of things I wouldn’t expect in one book but it was well done.

I especially loved the puppy but I won’t say more about that. If you like fun girly reads this is the perfect book and for anyone else wanting to pick up some easy going Christian fiction that’s more about telling a fun story than trying to push some massive Christian message.

I’ve just picked up the sequel and added it to my TBR.