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The Martian: A Review

I’d been seeing trailers for the film for a while and happened to notice it was based on an Indie book. When my bookclub peeps suggested we read it I was all for giving it a chance.

MartianIf you’re offended by strong language then I want to start by saying this book isn’t for you. The F word features on the first page and it and several other words like it are used throughout the book, but to be honest, I think if I was stuck, alone on Mars, and already aware I’m likely to starve to death because no one knows to come rescue me I’d not be too picky about my language either.

That’s pretty much where this book starts. Guy, on Mars, pretty sure he’s going to die but trying not to anyway. There’s a lot of science as our hero is a botanist and an engineer, but for the most part it’s well explained even if I did find myself skim reading a few bits so I could actually find out if he survived.

Martian-Matt-DamonIt had me unsure whether he was going to live pretty much throughout the book, which is pretty good going for this sort of book. Usually the writer makes it too obvious one way or another. And for a book that’s mostly held up by one character it’s a great one character and I love the idea that Matt Damon played him in the film. I think that’s likely to have been perfect casting.

The downside of the book for me was the other characters. They really were just there to support the main character and in a lot of cases were the same sort of person. They all joked in the same way (regardless of gender) and although the writer evidently tried to give them some differences they were almost identical people with different names. It was probably a good thing all the other characters had very small parts.

All in all I really enjoyed the book, even if I was a little disappointed by the secondary cast. I couldn’t put it down and loved the main character.

Happy Feet 2: A Review

I really wanted to go see this film at the cinema after the amazingness of the first but I didn’t get the chance. I watched the blu-ray of this as soon as I could get ahold of a copy.

This has pink as the voice of Gloria from the first but otherwise the actors in the previous are all the same. There are also extra actors in this one, most notable, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as Bill and Will, although it could also be Will and Bill. I’ve still not quite worked out which way around those two are.

The film had a similar style to the first. Lots of music and quirkyness from the characters. The plot was not quite so fluid. I spent most of my time wondering where the krill came into things but they were great comedy so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

I laughed a lot and I know kids will love it but some of the magic in the first one just wasn’t in this one for some reason. I laughed and laughed a lot but I didn’t fall in love with it in quite the same way I did the first. I think that tends to be the problem with this kind of film though. All the perfect songs for the scenarios get used in the first film and the second and third etc don’t quite get the same music pool to draw from.

All things considered I am glad I watched it and would probably enjoy watching it again sometime. It’s not on the favourites list though.

The Informant: A Review

This is another Matt Damon film I watched recently. I kinda like the actor and figured thisĀ  one might be worth watching, especially after finding out the makers also made the ocean’s films. I really liked those.

I was slightly missled by the trailor for this film. The trailor played on all the comedic aspects of the film while the film itself was a little more serious. It was still funny, don’t get me wrong but there was a serious underlying tone that took away from the full comedy.

Over a lot of the film there was the main character’s thoughts. These were often quite random and bizarre. I wasn’t sure it would be something that worked through the whole film but actually I found them to be a great insight into the chracter. It was a bit like the advantage of reading a book in knowing what the character thinks but in film form.

The plot itself was based on a true story though the makers had evidently embelished some points and took great delight in telling us so. This film is definitely a case for the statement that the truth is stranger than fiction. It was really a very strange story but also very compelling.

In terms of Matt Damon I think this was possibly one of his best roles yet. It was brilliant to see him doing something other than bourne-alikes. It was getting a little old to keep seeing him cast in this stereotype. I know he did bourne well but this was a very different role and he also did a good job. The actor has gone up in my estimation thanks to this. If he keeps it up he just might hit my favourite list.

Adjustment Bureau: A Review

I had no idea of the plot of this film when I started watching. All I knew was that Matt Damon was in it and there was something important about hats.

With Matt Damon being in it I have to admit I expected something very bourne like but really didn’t find much that the two films had in common. Matt Damon did a semi reasonable job of being a different character and I adored the girl he fell in love with. She had a quirky impulsive sense of humour that made her very endearing and for me was about all that saved the film.

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the film. It kept me entertained but I was dissapointed with how little they touched on the idea they presented. The film had a very interesting idea and premise but they explored very little of it by following just how it affected these two people.

They did the typical hollywood thing of staying in new york and seemingly forgetting the rest of the world existed and it’s one of the things that annoys me most about hollywood. It’s hugely egotystical.

Can we please have some films set somewhere other than New York! It’s not the only interesting city in the world and I really doubt some higher establishment would make it their base of operations.