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The Avengers – Age of Ultron: A Review

I think it was pretty obvious I was going to go see this film. The first avengers is still one of my favourite films and I must have watched it 20+ times now. I also totally love Joss Whedon’s character writing skills. Not to mention his dialogue.

avengers-ultronThis film sort of picks up where the previous marvel plots have left off, so it helps to have watched the Captain America film from last year as well as the previous avenger’s film, obviously. Right away there’s the focus on character and snappy one liners that Joss Whedon is brilliant at and in that respect this film was everything the previous one was. I laughed, a lot.

Avengers-ultron-3There’s a few more heroes in this one and some new and interesting powers, as well as the new and interesting bad guy, Ultron. This was some very well done animation. I often found myself loving the way his face moved as he spoke, and the voice actor, James Spader, was particularly spectacular with the expression and emotion he managed to get into it. I know there was quite a bit of news kerfuffle when he was announced but that was some definite fantastic casting.

I’m not sure what it was about this film though, but I didn’t quite love it as much as I thought I was going to. I liked it and laughed a lot. There’s nothing I can specifically say is wrong with it. But I’m beginning to wonder if the films are just a little too formulaic and I’m finally beginning to get a bit bored. Nothing totally surprised me and I like being surprised.

Avengers-Ultron-2There were a few things I really liked. I liked the massive iron man suit thing tony boosted his normal suit with in a very transformers sort of way, although I wondered if this contradicted the ending of Iron Man 3 a bit. I was fairly sure all the suits got blown up in that and would really like some kind of explanation on what happened there. I also totally loved what they did with Jarvis and Paul Bettany, and as usual he got some great one-liners.

All in all, I came out happy and pleased I’d gone to see it, but something was a little too samey about it, even if I can’t put my finger on what exactly. If you like Marvel films though this one really won’t disappoint.

Firefly + Serenity: A Review

I recently burned my way through this series and film. We’ll start with what I thought of the series and then what I thought of the film.


Normally the first episode of a series is the weakest and I struggle to feel like I want to watch the rest but that really wasn’t the case with this one. I loved it from about 5 minutes in and never stopped loving it. The characters were amazing and the idea of space cowboys was pure genius.

I also really like the sense of humour everyone had and laughed out loud at a lot of points even though I occasionally watched episodes alone (for some reason it’s harder to laugh out loud alone). I think it helped that I recognised three of the actors from other sci-fi tv series and loved all the characters they had done before but I loved the characters in this even more. The bit where River goes cockney especially was a favourite.

For a tv series I didn’t seem to notice the lower budget as I normally would so that was a definite plus, generally I really really don’t understand why they were only allowed to do one series.


The film was not quite as good to start off with. They had deliberately tried to make it accessable without needing to watch the tv series and as such a few old issues between characters were rehashed for character development. I can see why they did it but I think I’d ave prefered they had assumed a little bit of knowledge, or set the characters up with new things rather than re doing an argument I felt had already been settled.

The action was a lot better in the film, however and did make up for the downside a little. It also added a few new characters but that worked and added to the general fun of it and I love that they finally explained the reavers. I had been hoping they would.

I actually though the series was better than the film though and I think I’d have prefered them to wrap up the whole thing with films that were just long episodes like Stargate sg-1 did when they were cut by their channel.