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A Storm of Swords: A Review

This is the third book in the Song of Ice and Fire series (otherwise known as the Game of Thrones books) by George R. R. Martin and is so huge they had to split it into two volumes to print it economically.

So I enjoyed the first book, liked the second one a little bit less and sort of love and hate this third one. I think it’s the best in terms of storytelling and action. It’s got a nice pace to it and lots happens, which is great, but some of the stuff that happens left me a bit cross.

Most people who’ve heard of this series have usually also heard that there is a lot of death, and I really mean a lot. And this book is definitely no exception, in fact I think it’s the worst. There’s a lot of deaths and I can sorta accept one or two in a series. These people are doing dangerous things, so they’re going to die and I can sorta accept one or two more than that because this is a rather realistic series where there’s more everything that’s bad in the world but there are tooo many deaths in this book.

My favourite character is still Jon Snow but Tyrion comes a close second, although Walder Frey is now my most hated character (previously Joffrey). And maybe that doesn’t help with my attitude towards the book. Jon and Tyrion are the characters everyone else loves to try and screw over. I guess I’m truly British in my liking of the underdog.

I do have a lot of respect for George R. R. Martin after reading this book and trying to write my own epic fantasy though. I could never have written this book. I’d have spent the entire time crying in a pile somewhere with grief over all the characters I’d just mercilessly slaughtered.

A Clash of Kings: A Review

This is the second book in the Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin and I’ve already reviewed the first one here. I didn’t know if I was going to get this book due to the expense of the ebooks but the publisher dropped them all in the Uk ever so slightly when the second series was on Tv so this one was a little cheaper. Unfortunately they appear to have come up again.

I was very eager to start this book after finishing the first and I delved into the book very happily, eager to continue and I’d say the first half of the book was just as amazing as the first. I was interested and eager to read on. I’m not sure I enjoyed the chapters from the newer characters, however, as towards the end of the book I got a little bored.

Generally I don’t like having too many characters killed in a series and I think having one of my favourites killed at the end of the first one did take some of the shine off this one as well.

On top of that Catalyn Stark has started to grate on me and there were quite a few chapters from her point of view. Maybe because I’m not a mother I don’t relate well to her but I find she interferes too much and doesn’t actually help.

Reading this book I did find I developed even more respect for both Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister though and between the two of them they saved this book for me.

Overall not as good as the first but still not bad and I have picked up the third one with my brithday money. I’ll review that in a while.