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Beyond the Deep (GCPU 3): A Review

I’ve reviewed both the first and second book in this series before and really enjoyed them so I picked up this third one pretty quickly and I wolfed it down in only one sitting.

It carries on from where the second one stopped without really missing a beat and finally brought this particular plot arch to a close. There were some great plot devices in this one and it was definitely my favourite of the three. I also really liked how the author tied in the events that were happening in the area at the time to make it feel more real.

There were also some plot twists I actually didn’t see coming and cool gadgetry James Bond style. I’ve totally fallen in love with the main characters and I think the writing style of the author is going from strength to strength. Definitely the best book so far in what’s turned out to be a great series.

Here’s me hoping there are some more to come and with the few bits of plot left untied I’m fairly sure there will be.

The Three Eyed Skull (GCPU 2): A Review

This is the second in a series of novellas about the GCPU (Global Crime Prevention Unit). I reviewed the first one here

This was a really nice short read and great light entertainment. It followed on well from the previous book, continuing to build on the characters and bad guys.

I didn’t see the plot twists coming which makes it a great book as I usually do when reading. I also felt the whole believability wasn’t as stretched as it had been before but that could be because I feel even more embedded in the characters world.

There was quite a bit of backstory in this instalment which did slow the pace of the book a little but I actually think it was a good thing. The backstory was told well enough that it still felt very interesting and as I’ve already mentioned served to really flesh out some of the characters. I really hope there’s more backstories and info in the next installments.

The third in the series is already out and I will be picking that up to also review shortly as I really do like these short, fun novellas. If the author keeps it up then these books are going to make a great series.