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Amazing Spider-Man 2: A Review

You may be wondering how I can review this film when it isn’t out until next week and the premier was only last night. Well, I happened to get free tickets to the premier showing. Unfortunately, not the premier showing in London, but the movie was streamed into several cinemas around the country at the same time and I got to see it in Bath.

I enjoyed the first one of this reboot series and knew Andrew Garfield was doing a great job of spiderman so that wasn’t a worry when I went into the cinema. I also thought Emma was great as Gwen and again she didn’t dissapoint. Really faultless performances from both of them. The greatest surprise on the acting front was Electro/Max pictured having a face off with spiderman. He was brilliant.

The actor wasn’t one I knew and due to me seeing a premier I got shown the red carpet stuff before the film and he seemed a little, well, odd, so I was a little worried he might not have pulled the role off but he was perfect. The first scene in Max’s home is going to go down in my books as one of the best crazy scenes ever. He wasn’t quite so good as Electro, but I think that’s down to him being used as a supporting role for spidey and the Osborn corp lot, which meant he set up a lot of the one liners for the others.

The other new character was Harry Osborn. He was back from travels and boarding school to see his father and stuck around for the rest of the film. I also didn’t know what to expect from this actor and worried that he’d made it into this film because he looks a lot like a pre-titanic Leonardo DiCaprio, but the casting held out once more and throughout the film he delivered exactly as he needed to. I’m looking forward to seeing how he handles the next one.

The rest of the film was a pretty standard spidey movie. Plenty of scenes of him slinging his way around the city, getting the bad guys and generally making the people around him feeling special. There’s no doubt about it, spidey is one of the friendliest superheroes out there, and appeals to the kids.

Then there was all the jokes. While not as funny as most Marvel superhero films, Andrew Garfield’s spiderman is definitely one of the quirkiest sense of humours out there at the moment, and the film used plenty of this to keep people laughing. He took a lot of phone calls at awkward moments, including at the front of a truck, and his one liners, as well as Harry’s were fantastic and had me and many people around me chuckling out loud.

So to round up, pretty good superhero film so if you like most of the others you really shouldn’t be dissapointed in this one. I’ll definitely be going to see the next one and might even go see this one again when it’s properly out next week, with some more of my friends.

Happy Feet 2: A Review

I really wanted to go see this film at the cinema after the amazingness of the first but I didn’t get the chance. I watched the blu-ray of this as soon as I could get ahold of a copy.

This has pink as the voice of Gloria from the first but otherwise the actors in the previous are all the same. There are also extra actors in this one, most notable, Brad Pitt and Matt Damon as Bill and Will, although it could also be Will and Bill. I’ve still not quite worked out which way around those two are.

The film had a similar style to the first. Lots of music and quirkyness from the characters. The plot was not quite so fluid. I spent most of my time wondering where the krill came into things but they were great comedy so it wasn’t too much of a problem.

I laughed a lot and I know kids will love it but some of the magic in the first one just wasn’t in this one for some reason. I laughed and laughed a lot but I didn’t fall in love with it in quite the same way I did the first. I think that tends to be the problem with this kind of film though. All the perfect songs for the scenarios get used in the first film and the second and third etc don’t quite get the same music pool to draw from.

All things considered I am glad I watched it and would probably enjoy watching it again sometime. It’s not on the favourites list though.

Blogs and Blogging

I spend a lot of my time when on the computer reading other peoples blogs. I’m often distracted by a tweet or facebook message from a friend saying a certain blog post should be checked out. Sometimes they are the usual bullet list on how to improve something or other but occasionally there is a real gem of a blog post or an entire blog that keeps me coming back and stays in my memory. I am one of those quirky people that doesn’t like rss feeds. I figure if a blog can make me remember to check it out without me needing to be reminded than it deserves my time. Otherwise I’d spend all day everyday reading blogs.

The quirky ones with no huge point:

One I’ve blogged about before and I still check out now and then is the guy who turns entire movies into strips of barcode style pictures. He’s still going strong and there are even some other ways of squishing the film that he’s tried and some ones with much shorter pieces too. I check this one probably about once a month for updates but occasionally I’ll just go through the entire load of them for kicks.

Then there is xkcd. I think most people know this cute little geeky comic strip so i’ll just link to one of my favourites here. I never hear that song in the same way anymore.

The ones that make me think:

I often enjoy the musings of Steve’s brain. Although the content from blog to blog can vary dramatically there is very often something about each post that makes me stop and think for a bit, from my own thoughts of something to simply inspiring me to think off in some random direction for a few minutes.

One blog that never fails to make me stop and think is by Chrysalis, who has occasionally guest blogged here. I especially love his reviews. He often looks much deeper into films and media than most people and although I don’t always agree with him I do always appreciate his viewpoint.

Career blogs:

By far the best blog for a writer at the moment is one I’ve already linked to several times, Joe Konrath’s blog. Joe can be a little controversial with some of his blogs but that’s one of the reasons I like him. He’s not afraid to say what he thinks and he has success and all that to help prove his point. I also found his newbie’s guide to self-publishing very useful as well as his postings of his sales figures.

Another I check reasonably often, not all the time, but I follow the guy on twitter so will check out the interesting titles, is the Vandal, otherwise known as Derek Haines. He’s very quirky and I love his tongue in cheek way of explaining some things. Similar humour to Douglas Adams at times, with a good dose of sarcasm. Does have quite a few bits of writer advice as well but I mostly love the quirky stuff there.

Odd blogs I’ve fallen in love with:

I really love Dean Wesley Smith’s blog of his chapter 9 from his book, Killing the sacred cows of publishing. A lot of it’s just maths but then he gets to talking about the Magic Pie Bakery and that’s where I totally fall in love with this blog. The maths side is quite good too and does prove very useful.

This blog called paper cuts seems to only consist of this one post with lots and lots of pictures of outlines of famous characters. I had a lot of fun guessing these. I think I figured out about two thirds of them after the second viewing. I do go back occasionally to see if I can figure out more though.

I’d love to know what blog posts have stuck in all your minds, what blogs keep you coming back for more and what made you come to this blog to read this post?