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Entropia investments

Readers might remember that I posted a while back about an investment within the Entropia Universe gaming system. I posted after a few months, and then again after a year.

After that I promptly forgot about eu and other than logging in once, not long after I moved house to check the game worked on the new set up I let the account slide. Well something triggered my memory and I logged back in recently to see how my little flutter was going. (I spent $100 of in game money I’d built up on a deed that paid out a return).

Turns out in just over 2.5 years I’ve made about almost $60 in payouts and my deed is worth about $120 now. That’s an 80% ROI if I sold out now. At this point I’m kinda wishing I bought more of them, especially given how low bank accounts are paying and many other lower risk investments.

In the last few months there have also been several other deed related announcements. There are now three types of deeds. As well as the original 60,000 calypso land deeds (which have 25% of that planet’s revenue divided amongst them) there are now also 200,000 Arkadia underground deeds. These pay out daily, instead of weekly, are initially being sold for $5 and are having the 5% loot tax for the Arkadia underground area split amongst them. With my $60 profit I grabbed 10 of these.

The other deed is something a little different. Mindark (the people who own the universe and made planet Calypso) are making an app that ties into the taming and monster section of the game. 30% of this apps revenue will be split up between their 200,000 deeds. These deeds are selling for $10 so I nabbed one with the rest of my profit. They won’t be paying out yet and I assume they will be weekly payers rather than daily but I’m sure one won’t hurt to grab.

Now that puts me right back at having no money if the game collapses but considering I made the money from scratch in the game anyway I’m not worried. I also think the game is growing and am pleased to see that there’s still plenty of players.

With all the information I’ve got on payouts and the new deeds that make it easier to reinvest profits and get the rule of 72 working a bit better I’m serioucly considering putting in real cash and investing with some savings. Might start low, but should be a fun experiment.

Entropia Land Deeds: A Year’s Worth of Investment

Just over a year has gone by since Land Deeds were introduced to Entropia. I’ve had one since the beginning and kept track of the returns. I did a post a while back on the early returns so I thought I’d post about the first year’s worth of investment.

In the first 52 weekly payments I received 241.81 Ped back or $24.18 which was an average of $.465 per week. It’s not quite as high as the initial amount I estimated in my two month post. It seems the first two months of the year were the best as I’m finding it’s picked up a little since then as well.

I initially predicted that the deeds would all be sold out within about six months and they are now all pretty much gone. The Planet owner kept a few to give out as prizes here and there but the vast majority of the 60,000 are now in the hands of others and interestingly I think about a quarter of them are all owned by one person, although one unnamed person. The resell price has also increased around 15-20% which I expected would happen, so my deed is now worth at least $115 so my total increase on the worth of the deed as well as the pay is at least $39.18 and is of course a 39.18% return.

At the end of two months I predicted that I would have my $100 back from payments by 20th April 2015, that’s now changed to 18th January 2016, which is unfortunately quite a bit later but I’ll actually have more than doubled my money by then if the deed value holds at $115. So a new estimate based on the new deed value of having a total of $200 value (deed resell value + revenue received) is 1st June 2015.

Although that is still after the initial estimated date, Mindark, the people behind the platform, have been putting extra effort into increasing marketing and new players to entropia, specifically planet calypso and have recently informed the community that the number pf players is growing. As they continue this into 2013 it may well see the amount per week grow again and these numbers may well improve. It definitely doesn’t look like they will decrease any further.

Entropia land deeds

I’ve blogged about Entropia once before. It’s one of the MMOG’s (massively multiplayer online game) I play.

Recently they’ve added something to one planet in Entropia called Land deeds. There are 60,000 of them. Each one represents a chunk of the planets surface and gives the player 25% of all gross revenue for that planet on a weekly basis. Not bad really. Each one of these deeds costs 1000Ped or $100 worth of in game money.

I had a look at the companies financial statement and worked out based on the 2010 gross revenue for the planet that the return should be somewhere in the region of $27 per year per deed. A nice healthy 27% ROI per deed. So scraping together some of my in game ped I bought one. I’ve had several weekly payments now and can say I’m very pleased with the amounts I’m getting.

As I predicted it’s around the 27% ROI mark and a nice little earner. I would seriously encourage anyone else interested to check them out. I may even do some kind of low key share based investment into them with other people. If anyone has any other questions then just let me know and I’ll try to answer them. Also here’s a link to the previous entropia blog.

Entropia: A Distraction

For those few people that know me they know I really love my social computer games. Mostly MMO’s.

Entropia is one of those MMO’s that I mostly play when I feel the need to socialise but I don’t actually want to physically leave my office or I wish to work at the same time (I am slowly perfecting the art of working while playing games)

Normal MMO’s consist of a social group aspect to running around hunting monsters, some kind of mining or resource gathering and some crafting abilities to make the clothes armour or tools players use. Most people choose to do the first for the largest period of their playing time. A few people do the other two more often but it is often a little boring in comparison to the quest/mission system the game will have around hunting. World Of Warcraft is the best example of this kind of MMO.

I’m not really your normal MMO player, however. I don’t like World of Warcraft and even though there are elements of WoW in Entropia I don’t tend to play them at all.

Entropia is different to most MMO’s because it has what is called a real cash economy. Mostly this means there is a direct way to convert in game cash to real cash and vice versa. There is no subscription fee it just costs the in game dollers, Project entropia dollars, PED, to hunt, mine or craft. 10PED=$1 and if you have at least 1000PED in game you can transfer it out for $100. You can also transfer $10 in for 100PED if you wish. Every gun shot uses ammo which costs in game money, every mining probe you drop costs money and everything you craft uses resources that cost.

If you play sensibly and work withing your budget and in game skill it can be expected that any activity will return on a long term average about 90% of what you used in ammo, probes or resources. Everything you make, mine or loot however has two values attached to it. It has the game value that the little trade terminals will give you for the item (it’s TT value), which is what you measure the 90% by. On top of that, however, all items have another value assigned that players will pay above the TT value of the item (markup), and this can often determine whether you make money or not.

Assuming you’ve gone on a hunt with 50PED of ammo and your loot’s tt value comes to 45PED as the average dictates, if the markup on the 10PED of animal hide you looted is 160% you can sell that hide to another player for 16PED instead of back to the game for 10PED. That would give you an extra 6PED and make your total take home 51PED. Now you’ve made money. While this very very rarely happens on the lower end of the game when you hunt the things only low skilled people can hunt, there are a few very high skilled players that can hunt and loot so many items with high mark up on a regular basis that they earn enough money to live on every month. This isn’t why I play the game either though.

The game has many other ways an inventive player with a bit of sense and a good head for numbers can make money. Firstly and foremostly there is always an option in an MMO to be a trader of sorts. There is always some kind of auction or shop system in all games. In Entropia this is fairly easy as they have player owned shops and a way to buy two resources, combine them using a in game tool, and sell the resulting product for slightly more than the resources and tool use cost.

I’ve also found hunters will occasionally pay another person to run around after them as they hunt with a first aid pack, making sure they don’t die. When the hunt is over the person healing gets paid the decay of their first aid pack and a tip. Seeing as the healer gains valuable first aid skills and gets paid for doing so this can be quite a relaxing and social way to spens a few hours. Often a lot of conversation goes back and fourth between healer and hunter.

But how do you do either of these while working? Well in truth I don’t. Trading and healing are activities I reserve for when not working. While I am typing up hand written manuscripts, however, I like to do something called gathering sweat. Yeah I know it sounds gross and theoretically it is I suppose. Basically you stand in a circle with a bunch of other people aiming your sweat gun at a great huge sweaty monster and let it beat you up while your tool drags all the sweat off it and stores it in a bottle. When the monster has no sweat (takes about 5-7 minutes) you drown the thing in the nearest lake and find another. While its just dragging sweat I can go do something else then pay attention for ten seconds till I’ve got a new monster in focus and continue on with my work for 5-6 minutes, rinse and repeat.

The sweat bottles are then sold to other players for a mark up and made into something the players can use to teleport around with. Voila I’ve made a little bit of the in game cash to have fun with later and all while I was working. I do only do this on off days though when I’m havign touble focusing and I am just typing up something I wrote a while ago. I find I have to shut of all distractions if I am writing something new.

So far however my entropia net worth from the above three activities amounts to approx 2800PED which is $280 or approx £160. Not bad considering I’ve never transfered money in and I only play it for fun.

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