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Skyfall: A Review

This is the third James Bond film with Daniel Craig as the main character and it came out to celebrate 50 years since the first ever bond film. For a series where there’s no logical explanation why the Bond character changes appearance every now and then it’s doing remarkably well with it’s format and I was eager to see yet another in a quintisentially British series.

The first two with Daniel Craig in, Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, were both prequels and both a little dissapointing. Casino Royale being the better of the two as Quantum of Solace just felt like any other standard revenge film and not the different swaggering spy movie Bond normally delivers.

This third one was the same and also delivered us with a prequel, thankfully, no where near as dissapointing. I had found out, not long after the previous Bond film that Daniel Craig actually played Bond much more like the original author intended, which helped me to try and see it from the author’s eyes. In Skyfall I think Craig really came into the role and It completely redeems him for me as a great Bond.

The plot was fantastic and I loved getting to see a bit more of Bond’s previous life and childhood as well as a modernisating effect on the whole team behind him. I was also kept very amused by the references to the old films and hints at beginnings of habits we know Bond well for, like his shaken not stirred drink and his habit of ignoring the rules, tests and anything else anyone tried to give him boundaries with.

On top of all that the support acting was fantastic. The villian felt believably psychotic and had me thinking he really might get to achieve his nasty plot before 007 could stop him, even though a part of me knew Bond always comes out on top. M was again superb but Dench is one of the best actors we have so no real surprises there. The actor who stole the show for me though, was Bérénice Marlohe, who played Sévérine, the trafficked girl owned by our bad guy. Her fear at being in his power and her trepidation at wanting to hope Bond could rescue her had me on the edge of my seat. I’m sure it helped that I’m passionately against trafficking and know more about it than the average person but for me her fear and emotions in those few scenes were so perfect.

However, the only major downside with the film was what happened next with Sévérine. As is normal in a Bond film, he gets to sleep with someone at somepoint (occasionally more than one person). Unfortunately they picked our broken trafficked girly as the one to fall for Bond’s charms but that just wouldn’t happen. No trafficked girl ever feels like they can jump right into the arms of another man just because he ‘might’ be able to rescue her. Especially when they’ve only just met.

Had they not been so unrealistic I think I’d be chalking this down to the best Bond film ever, but I just can’t quite bring myself to do so. Even with the fantastic settings, including the house, skyfall (to the left), I just couldn’t quite forgive it for this slip up.

I will be looking forward to the next Bond film, however, and I hope they don’t keep us waiting long. I’ll also be adding this one to my film collection, I just might have to fast forward the shower scene to keep myself calm.

The Adventures of Tintin: A Review

I got really annoyed I missed this film at the cinema but thankfully I got to see it recently anyway.

Tintin was one of those cartoons I watched and loved as a child and thankfully I really wasn’t dissapointed with the film. With the director and writer I expected the film to be quite serious so for the first 20 minutes or so I felt a little confused with a few events but as soon as I realised the film was trying to be taken much more light heartedly and with quite a bit of tongue in cheek humour I found myself transfixed.

The casting surprised me but was actually pretty good. Daniel Craig made a very good bad guy (as brits usually do) and Tintin was so spot on I couldn’t have asked for me. My slight dissapointment lay in Andy Serkis. Very occasionally something came out of Haddock’s mouth that made me think Gollum. I can’t decide if that’s because the actor’s voice difference wasn’t good enough or because I’ve only actually heard his voice as Gollum before.

Overall I really really liked this film and still feel a bit gutted I didn’t get to see it at the cinema. I’ll be buying it as soon as I can as I think it’s definitely worth watching again.

Cowboys And Aliens: A Review

I thought long and hard about seeing this movie, not able to decide if I’d like the combination of western and sci-fi. Then I saw the trailor and realised both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were in the film and my mind was made up, yes I’m aware how shallow that is but I really actually liked Daniel Craig as bond, and, well Bond and Indiana together just gave me goosebumps.

Well I watched it and to be honest it was pretty much what I expected. Horses, explosions, a very surly Daniel Craig, a grouchy but cute Indiana and plenty of really ugly looking aliens in spaceships. It’s one of those films where the trailor lets you know the mood and the genre lets you know the rest.

It wasn’t badly acted but it was nothing special. It was definitely like taking Bond and Indiana and putting them together in the wild west with a healthy topping of Extra Terrestrial. Bond was bond and shot stuff and Indiana made wise cracks and was responsible for exploring stuff. The cinematography was good but nothing special and it was a fairly standard action movie.

I loved the film and had a blast watching it. If you like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig you’ll probably like it to. If you like one of the two it would probably be bearable but if you don’t like either it wouldn’t be worth watching, not even for the aliens, or Sam Rockwell as he doesn’t even get to dance in this film.