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The Kingsmen: A review

The trailer for this film made it look like it was going to be very funny so I went with my usual group of friends to see it.

kingsmanThe film started off in the manner I expected, at least until someone was chopped in half. Then it went back to the silly gentleman spy movie I was expecting for the most part (there was quite a bit of swearing but not masses). I laughed a fair bit and was generally entertained. The film really didn’t take itself seriously and there was even some funny product placement.

This is sort of when the film took a turn I hadn’t quite expected. Colin Firth walked into a church, the bad guy trialled his destruction machine. Then there was a scene filled with violence and mayhem that might have been watchable had it cut away sooner or been a little less obvious with the sick violence of it as well as about a tenth of the length. By the time I was a third of the way through the scene I wasn’t really watching anymore and was hoping it would stop, by the time I was two-thirds through the scene I was sitting in disbelief and starting to motion to my friends that I wasn’t comfortable. As it was we were starting to discuss leaving when it finally stopped.

Kingsman-The-Secret-ServiceWe honestly hoped this was a one off and would go back to the gentleman spy spoof the trailer made us expect, but it wasn’t entirely and there were a few more distasteful scenes later as well, although they tried to make the gross violence funny. I actually wish I had left and never finished it, or even better, never bothered to see it, and I think there’s only about five films I’ve ever watched I wish I’d never seen.

It felt a lot like the film was going for the cheap shock of violence and gross fights to surprise the audience because the makers couldn’t be bothered to do so with the story and characters instead. And given who was involved in making it (something I didn’t realise until after) I’m not that surprised. They’re other films have the same feel.

In short I don’t recommend anyone seeing this, it was quite simply, disgusting.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy: A Review

I didn’t get to see this one at the cinema but I saw it his summer on dvd. The trailor was amazing and it had Benedict Cumberbatch in it so I thought I’d really like it.

Maybe I built it up too much because I was excited by the trailor and actors as it didn’t quite live up to expectations. Maybe I also should have checked out what it was based on. The books and original tv series were very slow moving with a heck of a lot of detail on a lot of important things. There’s a lot of depth and this film was the same. It moved much slower than a similar genre film normally does but every scene, pause, breath and still frame was important to the plot.

Visually the film was very old feeling and made me think of the original Italian job which I actually quite liked. It felt cold war ish like the russians might turn round and a bomb our country at any moment if things went wrong. Not really very james bondish though, just important.

It was a very men’s men film. Everyone was well dressed and most sounded rather posh, especially Benedict and Colin Firth.

Unfortunately the plot was a little see through. I’d worked out who the bad guy was fairly early on and just watched the rest, although it was more the way the character acted than actual evidence. He just seemed to be the right fit.

I’m going to watch it again because I think I’ll notice more of the details the second time around and get more from it but I don’t think I’ll watch it too many times more than that.