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Elsa’s Reality: A Review

As I mentioned before on my blog this is the debut ebook from a fellow author with the same publishing company as me, red feather writing.

The book is a young adult fantasy with a hint of paranormal and is about a little girl called Elsa and the weird and slightly scary things happening in her world and it starts off with Elsa in a carriage travelling to a new home.

Slowly the novella reveals the reason elsa has to move and then more strange things happen, leaving elsa wondering what the cause of it all is.

I totally loved this little book and read it extremely quickly. Elsa is a gorgeous character and I could really relate to her confusion and attempt to fix things.

It’s fast paced, heart wrenching and very well written and I fell in love with the teddy bear even if I was also simultaneously a little creeped out.

My only warning is it’s not really a happy ending but there is the possibility of a sequel, although I think it’s best left. I know most people want happy endings but I think this book actually works best without.

Elsa’s Reality book launch

My publisher Red Feather Writing has just published the first ebook by the amazing author Andrew Bellingham so I wanted to share a little about it. Here’s the cover and nice short blurb.

Elsa grew up listening to her father’s tales of a witch who nearly destroyed her home town. As strange occurrences start happening again, Elsa, Mama and Father are moved to a new home. The Man in Red says Elsa is sick and as she tries to get better she can’t help thinking that Mama’s temper, Father’s fear and their moving are somehow all her fault.

The ebook is so far up on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. Hopefully it will also appear on Barnes and Noble, Kobo (WHSmiths ebook provider) and Apple’s ibookstore within the next month or so.

Tomorrow, however, is the official book launch day and the author is asking everyone who would consider buying the book to do so tomorrow, via either of the two links above. The aim is to shoot the book up the hourly calculated rankings on amazon and get the amazon robots to kick in and help market the book.

I’ve had a fair amount of success with this method as well so I’d like to ask anyone interested in the book to also join in the launch plan and buy the book tomorrow.

The Plan: April 12

Last Month

I had a reasonably productive month finally. It’s felt a little like wading through mud this year so far but things are improving and the sun came out, which always helps.

Here’s the bullet list:

  • hand wrote just over 6k for Sherdan’s prophecy
  • hand wrote approx 11k for For such a time as this
  • Typed approx 30k (including blogs and emails)
  • Spent about 30 hours reading
  • Spent about 10 hours working for Red Feather
  • Spent about 15 hours working for Flight
  • Spent about 20 hours marketing
  • Sent 112 emails

I finished Sherdan’s Prophecy in first draft! That was a really good moment as it has been the hardest book to write so far emotionally. There’s some great stuff coming up if you’re following the blogged chapters, if not I’d seriosuly encourage you to do so. It’s my best work to date I think.

I also got started on a new short. I decided I wanted to do something a bit lighter before starting my 4th novel so I picked one of the old short ideas I’ve had on my possible list for a few years and started penning it down. The advantage to it being an older idea is that it’s had plenty of time to stew around the inner workings of my brain so it’s been a nice easy write so far and I think I’m a little over half way through that.

Both With Proud Humility and Innocent Hearts have had reviews each on amazon.com, another 5 star one for With Proud humility and a 3 star for Innocent Hearts. I am pleased with both of those as the main complaint with Innocent Hearts is that it’s too short.

Sales are also continuing to rise after the post Christmas slump that seems to be characteristic. April was one of my best months for sales last year so it will be interesting to see this new months sales now I have two ebooks and a good few more positive reviews.

This Month I’ve been told by the doctor’s to take it easy. Seems my body isn’t happy with the levels of stress so I’m not meant to do anything to stressful and I have to get more exercise. Thankfully it’s not the middle of the winter so the thought of more exercise doesn’t seem to unappealing.

Because of that I’ve delayed the start of my 4th novel a little. I’ll probably plan to prepare it but I doubt I’ll now start it until may. In the meantime I’ll pootle along with my short and see how that goes.

In terms of the secret project I mentioned last month I’m pleased to finally say that it’s my publishing company branching out into a new author. As of mid April I’ll be one of two authors published by Red Feather Writing, the other being a very gifted writer called Andrew Bellingham. He’s starting his career with a young adult fantasy short called Elsa’s Reality. I’ll post again with cover and blurb etc a little closer to the release date but needless to say we’re both rather excited.

Hopefully next month I’ll have a bit more news about my next release as well and be able to pin down a more accurate time frame for a release date than soon.