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The Edge of Tomorrow: A Review

This was one of those films where the trailer looked awesome but I was mildly worried about the actual film. The groundhog day sorta plot has been used a lot and to mixed results. It’s so easy to have a boring film with lots of stuff repeated too often, so I went to see this one with a bit of trepidation.

I’m so glad I saw it. if the lego movie hadn’t been so awesome it would be my favourite film of the year so far (seriously, what’s not to love about a bad-ass chick with an epic sword? <—).

Plot wise, it wasn’t totally special. Every time the guy died the day reset back to the morning where he woke up. Nothing new there, not really, but the aliens were a fun new take and the ‘how do we save the day’ part of the plot was actually really interesting and complex with several twists I didn’t see coming.

The movie was super tense in places, despite the comfort in the back of the mind that he would just wake up again when he died, so serious kudos to the director and actors for that one.

Character wise I think this was some of Tom’s best acting. He really handled the transformation from bumbling, totally scared into the battle-hardened tank he is by the end of the film. And all because of Emily Blunt!

She was by far my favourite part of this film. A strong female character who actually had some depth, wasn’t the damsel in distress at any point in the film. Even when she sorta was and he tried to treat her that way. She knew what she had to do, why she had to do it and didn’t let anyone get in her way.

My only complaint is this one few seconds they kept repeating of her (<—). I’d have had no complaints about this films portrayal of women (for once) if they hadn’t included this dumb clip that was obviously meant to be a ‘look, we have a hot woman in this film’. It was totally unecessary and really didn’t need to be repeated so often either.

Otherwise, epic film, epic characters and epic remix of an otherwise naff plot.

MIB III: A Review

I hadn’t actually been intending to see this film as I’d never heard good things about the second film in the franchise and hadn’t bothered to see it but I found myself near a cinema with not much to do and rain I wanted to get out of so this film made it to my seen list.

Thankfully the film was stand alone enough that having not watched men in black 2 I still knew what was going on and could work out who everyone was. A serious plus for the film. Also thanks to Captain America I had gained a greater appreciation for the acting skills of Tommy Lee Jones.

This whole franchise does seem to be a bit more of a focus on Will Smith though and the silly things he does in pursuit of earth destroying aliens. While no way near as good as the first I found myself well enough amused and chuckling out loud a number of times despite the people around me seeming to be a little nervous about laughing out loud. There was definitely a few moments where quite a few people went to laugh out loud but due to the quietness of the room I was the only person who managed to get a proper laugh out, which of course makes it even worse next time.

I really don’t think the film was meant to be taken seriously but I think the kids will love it and adults won’t mind taking any sprogs they’ve got. Probably won’t bother watching it again though, unless I find myself in a room full of other people who want to watch it.

Sanctuary, Millenium’s children: A Review

This books by Austin Caroll was awesome, pure awesome, one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

I totally loved the characters in this book and the way they handled things. Sometimes YA books where the characters are younger than the author don’t feel quite right but I really believed the ages of the children and the problems they faced.

The plot weaved nicely and I didn’t see every plot twist coming, especially the big reveal about what was the root of the powers the kids had. I won’t say as I don’t want to spoil the surprise but it was a great sci-fi book and did make me long slightly for kids old enough that I could read it too.

I always like sci-fi alien stuff and so I suppose you could say I was already a little pre-disposed to liking the book anyway but I really hope a sequel of some kind comes soon.


Cowboys And Aliens: A Review

I thought long and hard about seeing this movie, not able to decide if I’d like the combination of western and sci-fi. Then I saw the trailor and realised both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford were in the film and my mind was made up, yes I’m aware how shallow that is but I really actually liked Daniel Craig as bond, and, well Bond and Indiana together just gave me goosebumps.

Well I watched it and to be honest it was pretty much what I expected. Horses, explosions, a very surly Daniel Craig, a grouchy but cute Indiana and plenty of really ugly looking aliens in spaceships. It’s one of those films where the trailor lets you know the mood and the genre lets you know the rest.

It wasn’t badly acted but it was nothing special. It was definitely like taking Bond and Indiana and putting them together in the wild west with a healthy topping of Extra Terrestrial. Bond was bond and shot stuff and Indiana made wise cracks and was responsible for exploring stuff. The cinematography was good but nothing special and it was a fairly standard action movie.

I loved the film and had a blast watching it. If you like Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig you’ll probably like it to. If you like one of the two it would probably be bearable but if you don’t like either it wouldn’t be worth watching, not even for the aliens, or Sam Rockwell as he doesn’t even get to dance in this film.