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The Legacy Inheritance: A Review

The Legacy Inheritance is a novella by Patrick Donnell.

It’s modern and set in the US in a standard city. The character is a pretty average joe who finds himself being made redundant and is doing his best to get himself back on track and in another job before the monotony of living alone at home sets in and he gives up on his life.

The book takes a little while to get going but it picks up the pace and interest as soon as the main character gets his call to inform him someone he knows has died and left him an inheritance. He then goes on the quest set to him by the guardian of the will. This is by far the most interesting part of the book and with a little bit of fun with the voices would make this book a great one to read to children.

The message and morals of the book are completely obvious and the author does nothing to try and hide them but I actually feel this adds to the book. It’s an easy to read, light hearted but good for you sort of book. I read it in one gulp while sitting on the sofa, too poorly to be working and it was the perfect lazy afternoon read.

My only one issue with the book was the formatting. I think something somewhere had gone a bit screwy between the word document uploaded by the author and being turned into a mobi file by amazon cause sometimes the book would switch from left alligned to central and occasionally paragraphs would be cut in half in odd places. This didn’t really detract from the book in my opinion as often scans of out of copyright books have equally interesting formating.

Warning Order: A Review

Warning Order by Jamie Fredric is another book from the Indie authors list my own book is included in and can be found on here. It’s a war time historical adventure set about 40 years ago.

Warning Order synopsis from Amazon

Not one to stay within the boundaries of an NIS warning order, Navy SEAL Captain Grant Stevens usually follows his gut instincts. This mission will be no different as he attempts to terminate a plot by East Germans to annihilate Russia’s heads of government. Teaming up with Joe Adler and, his long-time friend, KGB Officer Grigori Moshenko, the three will confront murderers and kidnappers from behind the Iron Curtain, as they try to diffuse the deadly plot before the world is thrown into turmoil.

My opinion

I have to admit I found this book a little hard to get going on but when I did I couldn’t put the book down. It’s very well written and the plot is very nicely woven out. It kept me guessing right till the very end. There’s a really nice balance between action, description and dialogue which helped the book flow along at a very nice pace.

The author did a really good job of expaining all the technical terms for things like parachute drops, mission types and explosives so even though I’ve not read many war books I could still get my head around what the hero was doing and how he was doing it. He also handled all the different languages represented well.

My one moan has to be the characters. There were a few too many I think and I struggled to keep up with them all and figure out who was who to begin with, which is probably why it took me a little while to get into. I also think that the author may have done as well, as the side charactes often lacked a little bit of depth. The main characters were fine and I soon adored Captain Grant Stevens but the side characters were not quite so well done.

Bearing that in mind this book gets 4 stars from me. Characters are my main love so I feel I can’t give it higher.


Disclaimer: I was in no way paid for this review or otherwise persuaded to give a favourable book review, this is entirely my own opinion.

The Legendiers And The Battle Of Darkness: A Review

The Legendiers And The Battle Of Darkness by Jeremy Johnson is my first book being reviewed from The List of best indie author books being created on Amazon.

The legendiers synopsis from Amazon

Omri Vale’s parents recently died and he believes it was his fault. Now he is an orphan and placed in foster care. He is transported to a mystical land from his mysterious foster home where he is received as the coming of a legend foretold. He immediately begins looking for a way back home only to find that the thousand year old legend has already begun.

He joins with Amaron Borne, the boy who would be king and they journey together in an effort to reunite the land. They rescue Pacumeni Tuck, a beautiful maiden and the embodiment of light who joins the quest. Prag, the winged boy from the city of Aerland also allies with them as the legend foretells. Omri, Amaron, Pacumeni and Prag are the heroes of legend… They are the Legendiers.

Time is their foe as dark forces arise to stop them. The evil Markduk is creating an army of creatures to fight and cast the land into eternal darkness. The legendiers must complete their journey, retrieving the magical orbs of awareness, creation, wisdom, knowledge, hope, time and enlightenment. Omri must choose to use the orbs fulfilling his role as the legendary hero or as a gateway back home.

My Opinion

As you have already probably worked out this is a fantasy genre book and quite the epic. It’s mostly a rite of passage style book so if that is a theme you like then you will love this book. It’s reasonably well written for an indie book and although meant for a younger audience than me I still enjoyed the journey the characters went on.

The pacing was good but could have been slightly quicker at the start. I think as the story progressed the writer did as well and the few minor things that wrankled and pulled me out of the story stopped doing so after about half way through.

I would say the plot is the definite strength of this book and was my favourite part and I would say it’s a book that was worth forgiving for its minor mistakes as the plot was well thought through and carried the rest out of mind.

I also loved all the different types of creatures, foes and friends the heroes met on their travellers. The writer had evidently thought a lot about all the different types and they were all unique and special in their own way.

The characters also grew in strength as the book went on and while it took me a little while to attach myself to the characters I found I liked them all by the end, especially Pacumeni.

I’ll be looking out for more by this author, especially if there is a sequel or other books set in the same land.

I’d give the book 3 3/4 stars. It was almost 4 if it hadn’t been for the few things that jarred near the start of the book.

Buy the book from here and here.


Disclaimer: I was in no way paid for this review or otherwise persuaded to give a favourable book review, this is entirely my own opinion.

Best Fiction Books From Indie Authors: Interview with Patrick

While I’ve been browsing my way through the secret hidden forums of the kindle publishers/authors world I’ve met quite a number of authors and a few have stuck out to me. I’d like to introduce you to Patrick, just one of those authors, who is working to create a list on and populated by the best books from indie authors. This is the first of many projects Patrick is working on as he also has a website being created called The ePublishing Consortium

I asked Patrick some questions about him and the list he is creating and thought I’d share some of what he said.

How long have you been publishing as an indie author/interested in indie ebook publishing?

I have been publishing books since 2007 when I released Legacy Inheritance in paperback.  I wrote the manuscript and donated the first printing to a nonprofit as a fundraiser.  I have been writing books since 1993 as a hobby.

What exactly is the list and what made you decide to invest your time effort and money into other authors by creating it?

The list is designed to find the best authors and promote their works in an otherwise difficult-to-find environment.  Most new eAuthors and their books are the hardest to promote due to being an ‘unknown quantity’.  There is a strong struggle for these authors as they do not know their way around the industry due to being new/inexperienced at it.  The List is a tie-in to the ePublishing Consortium where works can be shown, the best can be promoted, the Consortium selects their award recipients and authors can promote their books to increase sales.

The reason this effort is being focused on a solution for all eAuthors is due to its real need.  The publishing industry is undergoing a major evolution right now.  It is somewhat in a state of flux and chaos.  It is during the times of chaos where the most change occurs.  The need for independent, as well as veteran, authors to publish their own work has come.  There will always be a nostalgia about paper books.  But, the direction is clear… electronic is the format of the future.  We are seeing the cutting edge of this evolution now.

What do you hope to gain from the list both personally and for others?

I have always had sort of a Robin Hood complex wanting to help those who need it.  My life has not been perfect and there is a learning curve with each new venture, but, there is nothing like the power of people working together to build something.  There is a strong personal satisfaction derived from being part of that.

You can check out the list on here and here.