Geek of Legend – The Elvish Screwdriver: A Review

I found this book was written by the same pen name as one of the Konrath challenge books and noticed it was free for a while so I grabbed a copy.

This is a really cute little book that starts with an IT tech’s interview at a new job. He has no idea that the new job involves working for a bunch of clients, not of this normal world.

The story isn’t particularly lengthy but it feels complete, had me laughing aloud and blended the real world tech problems with a world full of fantasy creatures. There were even a few geeky riddles for tech fiends to puzzle over.

All in all I adored the short and think this being written is another reason why ebooks and how the self-publishing world has changed is a good thing. It also turns out that there are more of these, so I’ll definitely be reading on!

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