What do you want to know?

This is normally my how-to slot in my blogging calendar and seeing as it’s a new year I thought I’d ask what how-to’s you lovely readers might like.

So far they’ve varied from t-shirt designing to all sorts of different writing topics and even a few on deeper topics like changing the world. Is there anything I’ve not covered about writing that people are particularly interested in? Perhaps on how I go about deciding some things?

Alternatively I could talk about marketing, formating, or something not even book related. I’m not too fussed what I talk about really, as long as it relates somehow to something I’m getting up to.

Or if you’re bored of this How-to slot (that may be the case) are there other types of blogs you’d like to see. Should I bring back the author interviews, or maybe do some kind of indie spotlight?

The choice is all yours!

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2 Responses
  1. Chris says:

    Something on how to find new books that you’re likely to enjoy. I tend to judge books by their covers a lot, and that’s probably not recommended. Other than that I just stick to the same authors, which is a bit samey.

    Also anything film related is good, but that’s me all over really.

    Oh, fun meta idea. How-to write a how-to blog 🙂

    • Jess says:

      tehe, your last suggestion could be fun. I’ll definitely think about it 🙂 I should be able to do your first. I’ve been inundated with books over the last year or so from various sources.

      Thanks Chris

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