The Kindle Murders: A Review

The Kindle Murders is the first Novella in the Global Crime Prevention Unit series by A. D. Vates.

As you’ve probably guessed it’s a crime book.

Normally I find the Crime genre a little too heavy going for me and rather dark but this book was gorgeously not so. I loved the thrill of the team solving the crimes and found it very hard to put down when I had to go to bed one evening.

It’s not got an overly long or complicated plot but I think this actually added to the satisfaction of the ebook. It was something I could dip into and know that it won’t be long before I can dip into their next adventure. I guess I liked it for similar reasons I enjoy the Sherlock stories. I was entertained and can get to know the characters over lots of short bursts.

I will be eagerly awaiting the sequel in just 10 days time.

Here’s the links to it.


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