Scott Pilgrim: A Review

I’m actually surprised I hadn’t reviewed this film earlier but I recently watched it again so I’ll do it now.

The first time I watched the film I was mildly amused by it. I’m a gamer chick so 99% of the game references made me chuckle to myself. I love the Universal intro in 8 bit, and I have to admit think the films worth watching just for the soundtrack.

I didn’t actually think a huge deal of the plot the first run through, however, and wasn’t expecting to enjoy watching it a third or fourth time. The acting wasn’t amazing but good enough and the action was a little too comic book style for me to have kittens over the fight scenes.

Surprisingly I’ve watched it a third time and found I actually enjoyed it more than the first time. Whatever it was about watching it I had a proper giggle again and found the plot had grown on me. I’m kinda hoping it wasn’t just end of the year relief (I watched it New Year’s Eve) and that it is genuinly a film that gets better with age.

It’s very current in it’s outlook on life and very appealing to the younger adults in life. Not sure it’s something I’d recommend to the parents. I doubt they’d get the gamer references let alone the lifestyle. Niche market but good niche market.

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  1. Mahtlef says:

    In honesty I really loved this film. After I came out of the cinema I was absolutely buzzing. Quite a few modern films have tried using a comic book filming style but I think “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” is actually the first to pull it off effectively. Once the film came out on DVD I bought it straight away and watched it three time in a row. It was good the first time and has only got better since then. I think you will probably find it even more enjoyable the next time you watch it.

    I also invested in the soundtrack which has proved a brilliant listen. I particularly like the song “Black Sheep” which was specifically written for the film by Canadian rock band, Metric. The full music video from the film can be found here. Don’t watch if you don’t want to see spoilers.

    Considering that the film is actually an adaptation of the graphic novel series “Scott Pilgrim” I think the plot of the film was done very well. As you say, the fight scenes were very comic book style but it was done deliberately. The biggest failing of comic book adaptations is their fight scenes, people expect them to look real but it lowers the quality of the plot and makes it unbelievable. I think the way they don’t take themselves seriously makes for a better portrayal.

    For those people who are interested, the graphic novels were created by Bryan Lee O’Malley. The series contains six stories, the second of which shares it’s name with the film.

    They have also created a side-scrolling beat-em-up based solely on the novels. The game entitled Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released on both PS3 and Xbox live arcade. I strongly recommend having a play through, it’s incredibly fun and is in quite a cool retro style befitting the nature of the plot. Also, as it follows the novels you get all the story that wasn’t in the films. 😀

    I would agree that if your not a gamer or at least a comic book fan this film is not for you. Most of the jokes come directly from video games.

    Anyway, I think I have probably both said and linked just about enough. As always, this was a brilliant blog. Cheers 😀

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