Entropia land deeds

I’ve blogged about Entropia once before. It’s one of the MMOG’s (massively multiplayer online game) I play.

Recently they’ve added something to one planet in Entropia called Land deeds. There are 60,000 of them. Each one represents a chunk of the planets surface and gives the player 25% of all gross revenue for that planet on a weekly basis. Not bad really. Each one of these deeds costs 1000Ped or $100 worth of in game money.

I had a look at the companies financial statement and worked out based on the 2010 gross revenue for the planet that the return should be somewhere in the region of $27 per year per deed. A nice healthy 27% ROI per deed. So scraping together some of my in game ped I bought one. I’ve had several weekly payments now and can say I’m very pleased with the amounts I’m getting.

As I predicted it’s around the 27% ROI mark and a nice little earner. I would seriously encourage anyone else interested to check them out. I may even do some kind of low key share based investment into them with other people. If anyone has any other questions then just let me know and I’ll try to answer them. Also here’s a link to the previous entropia blog.

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  1. Mahtlef says:

    Generally speaking I don’t really like this sort of game. Not really because I would dislike playing, it’s just the kind of thing where I would spend all my money without really thinking about the consequences. I tend to go and do stupid things on games just for the sake/fun of it.

    Having said that I think the land deeds they have recently released are actually a pretty good idea. They work essentially the same way as shares and return a reasonable amount of money. Also, a profitable return on the initial investment is guaranteed so long as the game continues to run for enough time. I certainly wouldn’t mind a look in if you do decide to do a share based investment.

    Cheers for another great blog, and a very merry Christmas to all 😀

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