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I don’t normally write about heavy topics on my blog. I try to keep it light and cheery and fun but occasionally something moves me quite deeply and I feel I have to share it regardless of whether it breaks the norm of my posting cycle.

Today I’d like to express my viewpoint on witchcraft and magic in general. My reasons for this are two-fold. One, to raise awareness of what witchcraft actually is and it’s involvement in trafficking and two, to explain my viewpoint on the subject based on my own personal experiences with magic and the people involved in that world.

I’ll start with it’s involvement in trafficking as that is the least biased of the viewpoint. Trafficking is one of the biggest crimes in the world currently with an estimated 27 million women, children and men in some form of slavery. This slavery can vary from sexual exploitation, to slave labour, to uses in witchcraft.

I’d recommend people watch this video to get an idea of what trafficking is like. – Sold, trafficking part 1

Wondering what this has to do with witchcraft? Well there was a brilliant article written recently by the bbc about trafficking and what often happens to the children taken from Africa. Children are put through rituals by local witch-doctors to frighten and intimidate them into believing that they can’t tell the authorities about what’s going to happen to them or they and their families will die. While it’s debatable whether this is really witchcraft, it’s still being used to control and manipulate.

This still doesn’t explain how it’s a problem in this country so for that I need to refer to another bbc news report which explains how children are brought to the UK to provide the human blood needed for certain witchcraft practices. The reporter visited 10 different witch doctors and spiritual healers in the UK and 2 of them offered him human blood that they already had collected. And Not just a small amount either, it was in a container that looked like it held over a pint of human blood.

The report also states that belief in the UK in spiritual healing and all manner of magical ways to heal people is on the increase. In my experience I’d actually beg to refute this, I think it’s something that’s always been largely in the UK culture, I just think it’s more acceptable to talk about it now.

This brings me to my personal experiences. I can’t actually say everything but I actually know at least two practising druids (as they call themselves), one of which is second in charge of one of the biggest witchcraft cults in the UK. We’re talking thousands and thousands of people across the country. Both of these two people, have on several occasions tried to get me involved, from a very early age I might add.

The things these people do is not something to be taken lightly. There may well be people who dip into it and experiment with the healing parts and the meditation but underneath all that there is a culture, based on fear, manipulation and control that regularly involves rituals and spells that are actually illegal and often very dangerous. You only have to read the few published books by Freemasons that have walked away from the upper circles to get an idea of some of the things they do.

Finally, I’ve actually dabbled in it myself. I took to it naturally, with good skills at predicting the future especially, mostly tarot reading. It’s a much bigger background thing in the UK than most people expect it to be and know about and I’ve never seen any good come from it. I was so badly affected by my few months trial that it took me many years to fully walk away from it.

This is why I don’t like witchcraft, magic or anything to do with it. Trafficking is sick and using magic and the fear of it to control people is wrong on so many levels. Controlling people and sapping money from them because they are being mislead by magic and spirituality is also wrong. Therefore I will not encourage any use of it or anything else that makes it look good when it’s not.

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  1. Qthepirate says:

    I’ve never known you to write anything so narrow minded. Yes, in certain countries ‘witchcraft’ is known to be a driving factor behind the abuse of women and children but to make out like it is the only evil behind it is wrong. Firstly, you don’t differentiate between the practise of ‘witch doctors’ and legitimate Wicans, who (from knowing several) have nothing to do with the use of human blood or the trafficking of women and children. Secondly, there are many factors behind this trafficking; mostly financial, but also including paedophilia and organised crime. Many religions and belief systems are at the heart of appalling acts – you can’t say that Chrisitanity and Islam have never been a part of something terrible and that abhorrent acts are not carried out in their name, regardless of how many others practice these faiths. As a woman of science I am surprised that you did not mention that although 2 out of 10 spiritual healers offered the mentioned reporter blood as a healing medicine that this means 80% approached did not. Now I think we can all agree that any offer is an offer too many but beware of tarring an entire faith with the same brush – as with anything it eventually comes down to the individual. There are those who would use faith as an excuse for their actions, there are those who truly believe that what they do is truly the right thing, regardless of the morals we would like them to hold to. I am sorry your experience with the Druids you mention was unpleasant. I personally have never had a bad experience with a pagan person (other than a hangover) but I can definitely say I have felt pressured by other faiths. Again, it’s a personal experience but what else do we have to form initial impressions on? I wholeheartedly support your cause – as someone who works with children who have been the victims of all kinds of horrific abuses I have seen the result and strive for the day we can put an end to it. But I firmly believe that, as with all things, blame should be placed where it is earned and not cast across those who do not deserve it. Only through tolerance, acceptance and understanding can people work together to root out evils like this and put an end to them for good.

    (p.s. – when can I buy your next book?)

    • Jess says:

      I’m sorry that you think my post was narrowminded. It definitely wasn’t meant to come across that way. That being said it is my opinion and by nature of me being human not perfect. Unfortunately I also can’t say everything I think and have personally experienced with it, a lot of it is too personal to me and people close to me to be put on a public blog but there are other reasons behind my dislike. I perhaps should have emphasised that more near the end.

      In terms of the trafficking I’m well aware witchcraft isn’t the main cause just one of many causes of it. I’m against them all equally. Trafficking was just meant to be one of the reasons for me not liking withcraft.

      The next ebook will be out very soon (hopefully only a week or two), although only containing two short stories. The next full length book I expect to be ready spring next year.

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