Background Details: Book 3, Part 2

A few months ago I wrote a blog post detailing some of the background details that were needed and some research points for Book 3. I thought I’d share some of the research and interesting things I found in follow up to the previous blog here.

My first point of research was Bristol, I’d like to know where the Universities are and all the transport links and map off an area where Sherdan’s compound could be. I went on google maps and had a look around the city, I couldn’t find anywhere already perfect for a compound but I did find an area that with 9 years of change could well be suitable. Here’s a shiny map of the area with a red outline of the part Sherdan’s people will occupy.

I’ve kept my boundary lines off main roads for the most part, especially as I’ve not yet decided how Sherdan will keep unwanted people out, if he even will. I’d like there to be some kind of barrier of sorts, just not sure what yet.

As you can see the entire main Bristol University Campus is included in the area and I’m going to make that the main headquarters of Sherdan’s little empire. Bristol Homeopathic hospital is going to be the entrance of the main underground bunker and the school that’s not labeled in the middle of the area will be some high rise flats and useful things like a Hellipad.

I estimate with my modifications there will be approximately 4,000 people in this compound, with over half of them being young people of student age and just above.

Bristol University will still be taking Students on each year as that’s how Sherdan is making new people with abilities. Spiking the students in some way.

I wanted to have it in the coffee or something like that but it turns out orally ingested enzymes are broken down by the stuff in our stomach before it can be absorbed by the body, essentially having no effect at all. Therefore I’ve decided to have a patch or armband the students and surrounding people are encouraged to wear to support something, like a nicotine patch it will allow the enzymes or whatever chemical compound I want be absorbed by the body.

Stage 3 of my research was into cults, I want to know how much Sherdan is likely to have achieved before people have noticed he’s up to something. I found that most cults that stay relatively close knit and don’t talk too much can easily have several thousand members for quite a few years before anyone really hears about them, at the most there might have been the odd local news paper report or two but unless Sherdan has deliberately talked about his cult publicly himself there won’t be much awareness of what’s going on at all.

My final point of research was the miracles that God was likely to perform. It seems there are four types of these, the healing three which are cures, exorcism and raising from the dead and the natural miracles that involved God controling nature in some way. This actually leaves me with a lot of scope to explain something as God if I need to.

In terms of progress with the book I now only have my character bio’s to do which I probably shan’t post. I’ve already done a couple of character interviews so I’ll leave it there. Hopefully that means my next post concerning book 3 will actually be the opening scene or two, maybe, if I do really well a whole chapter.

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4 Responses
  1. Mahtlef says:

    I really quite enjoyed this blog, it shows some excellent research into the relevant subject areas. Too many people get science wrong writing fiction, sometimes it can be really irritating.

    I enjoy your choice of location for the compound, I’ve been to quite a few of the places inside and I would love to hear it all described in the future.

    I really can’t wait to read to start reading. Thanks for the blog 😀

    • Jess says:

      Yeah I want to do my best to get the science right even in a book where I can blame God for things, I still want it to be believable and I don’t want to use God as a get out clause for bad science research.

      I’ve visited a few of the places inside as well though it was a while ago but I thought some knowledge was better than none as a starting point. Shouldn’t be much longer until I’ve got the first part of book 3 done and blogged.

  2. Chris says:

    The armband could be a freshers week one, as that would be completely natural for them. Is it going to be literally all the students who are experimented on or only as many as he can get away with?

    Also, I’m wondering what job Sherdan has. Is he employed by the university, therefore is there for work, or is he slipping in undetected? It’s essentially a question of whether he is willing to operate illegally or wants to remain just in a grey area.

    Also got to think about the student’s reporting anything suspicious. With too large a start up number, he risk exposure.

    Nice post though, this is going to be an awesome series. Looking forward to reading more.

    • Jess says:

      The armbands idea is an awesome one. I don’t think it’s going to be all the students, at least not at first but probably most of them. Sherdan is going to have the University in his pocket I think so he will get away with a lot. Money corruption at it’s best, or worst depending on how you’re looking at it. I don’t think he’ll work for the Uni full time but he’ll be involved with their day to day proceedings on quite a high level.

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