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Camel On An Ashtray: A Review

Camel On An Ashtray by A.S. Anand is a  novella on Amazon Kindle for only $1. I was asked to review this book in exchange for the author reviewing my book.

Camel On An Ashtray synopsis from Amazon

Sonell descends into a Mayfair nightclub filled with apprehension about his social company and himself. The next morning he is unable to remember much of the evening’s events.

And so begins a journey of reconciliation – with his friends, Delilah and his Indian heritage that will take him on a voyage from London to Goa.

Camel on an Ashtray is an elegantly written, semi-autobiographical novella that revels in exploring identity and friendship.

My opinion

I’m not actually sure the synopsis of this book does it justice. Sonell is an aspiring writer who is very easily distracted into partying and having fun with his friends instead of finally writing down that short story he’s got buzzing around his head. A situation most writers can easily relate to. I can safely say every writer I know has had similar moments in their lives.

While the plot to this book was not hugely impressive I’d actually say that was a good thing. The book very nicely meanders along and actually makes a nice lazy sunday afternoon read or summer’s day beach read for anyone that should really be writing but finds themselves enjoying the good weather instead.

My only real gripe with the book is the ending. I felt it ended a little prematurely but to be honest I can’t think of a better place to end it so it’s probably just that I wanted to know even more about Sonell than I was given. I do think it might benefit from another 5k words or so, but for the price it’s still most definitely a bargain read.

I honestly had a lot of trouble deciding my star rating for this book. While I really liked Sonell and felt I could completely relate to him I also felt that there needed to be a little something more, even though I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

I think it gets a 4.75 stars from me. Almost a 5.


Disclaimer: I was in no way paid for this review or otherwise persuaded to give a favourable book review, this is entirely my own opinion.

The Plan: June 11

Last month’s progress

Well they say things don’t always go exactly according to plan and this month they definitely didn’t. I didn’t manage to make anymore tshirt designs, didn’t work on the graphic novels or my language and still don’t quite have my print version of the first book’s cover done. What I did do, however:

  • Decided on a company name for the clothing company.
  • Picked a t-shirt printer to print our designs.
  • Hand-wrote approx 2k of the novel.
  • Hand-wrote approx 11k of short stories.
  • Typed approx 15k words (including emails and blogs).
  • Spent approx 60 hours promoting the first book.
  • Worked approx 10 hours for Flight.
  • Spent approx 15 hours reading.
  • Gathered the final parts needed for the book front cover.
  • Sent 116 emails.

My promotion hours were very high last month as I lowered the price of my ebook to 99 cents as a promotion to tie in with the 4th pirates film release. I’ll post on how that affected sales in a short while. It can take a little while for all the sales figures to come in from all the different places.

I had an interview published on the Brazilian Book blog here, complete with a giveaway to win my book which runs until June 16th. All you have to do is go to the blog and comment on the post to enter. There aren’t many entrants yet so there is a high chance of winning.

As I posted last month The Romance Reviews is running a summer event and on the 9th June and 23rd June they will be running a giveaway competition for an ebook copy of my book each of those days. Click the picture to head to their blog and keep tabs on them. On 24th June I will also be available for a live chat about my books, writing etc here. If there is anything you’d specifically like me to talk about let me know in a comment and I’ll be sure to bring that up. It starts at 1pm BST and will last until I go to bed that day.

I’ve contributed to the I love Smashwords blog here and I’ve also been working hard (read as chatting) on the kindle discussion boards and have my very own little meet the author section here, please come on over and have a chat with me sometime.

Finally you may have noticed that I added a bullet point for hand writing short stories. I’m pleased to say as a development of last months not going according to plan I have found myself involved in a collaboration of fantasy shorts being written straight for ebook release. As I found myself with two very nice ideas right after the possibility was suggested I dropped everything to pen them down. The first is in editing stages now and will hopefully be out very very shortly.

This Month the plan is to catch up on everything I didn’t manage last month, including the second books first draft and those last few t-shirt designs. I’ve also got quite a few hours I’ll need to spend on both companies as they are both almost ready to launch something each and I’ve got things like contracts and business details to finish off. If I manage to get all that sorted I’ll spend some time editing the second book but I have a feeling this months going to be very businessy.